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OK, reposting from Discussion:

Some people seem to have looked at the pic and missed the accompanying article.

Key points:

It will be backwards compatible (which pretty much guarantees I will buy one).

Bottom screen is touch sensitive and uses a *stylus*, apparently.

Looks like it has the same number of buttons as the GBA - although shoulder buttons aren't visible.

Has Bluetooth wireless connection.

About as powerful as the N64.

If they use the dual screens well, this could be excellent. I'd like to see an updated Cannon Fodder, with the second screen used to provide air support, letting you spot enemy troop movements and positions. Or are those tanks just cardboard decoys?

Maybe a Rainbow Six/Full Spectrum Warriors type game where you can see the viewpoints of two units at once.

However, I'm worried about three things:

1. A handheld machine should be playable in short bursts. I'm not sure if I fancy the idea of fumbling to get out a stylus on the bus... If I can't stop and start playing as quickly as I can with the GBA SP, then I'm not sure if I'll be interested. And will Nintendo indulge its weakness for making games that require huge chunks of time to progress in ?(cf Majora's Mask save system, most of Mario Sunshine).

2. Will I need to buy another frigging cable to connect it to my Gamecube?

3. Will they be sensible and cut the Bluetooth down enough that it can be on all the time, and automatically discover potential playmates on the bus/tube/lecture hall? Or will it require tedious fiddling around to enable and get working?

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It looks shit.

agreed, whilst the PSP looks absolutely amazing.

Think i'll wait for the Nintendo DS SP, or hopefully the design will grow on me, (the xbox STILL hasn't) so its not looking to good.

Plus, its the games the matter

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The second screen had better be used for more than just a map too...

Looking at the screen shots on the NOA press site, don't hold your breath.

Touch screen is shit.

My phone does it and to be honest, for controlling stuff, its toss.

Whats the point of WiFi if every other fucker has a PSP anyway?

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Its cheapness may give it problems when it faces off against the style-fest of the PSP.

On the other hand, it's got a featureset that just screams "YOU LIKE GAMES YOU STUPID BASTARD?! WHY THE FUCK HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT ME YET?!"

In fact, that's what the demo units should say.

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In those high res pics you can just make out what looks like a balck left shoulder button, so hopefully it does have shoulder buttons

But what are the start and select buttons doing up there? they should be below the d-pad

I hope they change the design a bit before the final release

EDIT: Where's the speaker(s)??

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In those high res pics you can just make out what looks like a balck left shoulder button, so hopefully it does have shoulder buttons

Backwards compatability with GBA games will be screwed without shoulder buttons. There is no way you could use the new face buttons instead. Imagine Metroid Zero Mission and having to press two buttons at once ...

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