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Schematic - New Senser Album


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Anyone here looking forward to this. I loved Stacked Up, in fact it's floating just outside my top 10 albums of all time. At the time it was just so far ahead of what people where doing at the time, i.e. practical inventing the style of music that the likes of Linkin Park now pedal.

I just wonder if they can recapture the same vib after so long, and if so will they still remain criminally over looked.

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Yep original line up. Saw them after they reformed in 2001 (I think) at Camden underworld and they were unbelieveable. This album was supposed to be being released in early 2002! Seems to have taken them a long time to get round to it. I think this had something to do with Kirsten getting pregnant again.

I have the Asylum album which was Kirsten et al and was okay. As well as the Lodestar album which was with the bloke et al (i.e. basically the other half of Senser). Both interesting albums in that they actually sound like two halves of the band if you get my drift. I.e. if you put them in a blender together you would end up with Stacked Up

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I bought Charming Demons when it came out, and although i liked it...i was just a bit miffed that the Senser i loved was fuxed.

Never really got into loadstar at all, heard a few tracks and it did nowt for me. Years after getting stacked up i still play it about once a month (along with godmachine and old curve stuff)

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Also they wrote one of the greatest lines ever in What's Going On:

'Fashion is something so ugly it has to be changed every 15 minutes'

Amazing especially as that is in the break down and the way the track kicks back in with a pick slide soon after that is amazing.

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Okay this is now out. So who's got it?

If you liked Stacked Up then I would definetly recommend this. Quick break down for you all. Basically the first track is pants in my opinion, sounds a lot like Al-Sayed's side project Lodestar. However track 2 is absolutely f**king amazing and is really like SU Senser great from then on.

Standout tracks are

2) 101 Infoburner

3) Bulletproof

4) Forumla Milk

:) Photographed Files

There is a lot more of Kirsten singing/rapping on the album and some interesting song structures.

So have any of you got it yet and if so what do you think?

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