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Japanese director Sabu


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I bougth the movie monday after months of looking for it, but he's made 3 more movies (postman blues, unlucky monkey and 1 more i cant remeber the title of), I cant seem to find them anywhere.

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You can get a VCD of Postman Blues from Poker Industries here:


They also have a DVD release of Unlucky Monkey on the usually excellent Dutch label Japan Shock, see:


Alternatively, you could risk www.sazuma.com who have dvd releases of both the films you want plus half a dozen other films directed by subu. Sazuma have a bit of a dodgy rep in my experience, you'll either get the discs quickly or you'll be fucked about royally for months and months. They do have one of the best potential stock ranges in the world though but rarely have anything actually in stock. ANd they are pretty expensive too but used to make their shipments customs friendly ( at least they did four years ago when I last used them).

Good Luck..

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