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make me like xbox live


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I ve been trying to get into rainbow six since everyone here says its so good. So far I ve done two of the one player missions but they just seem to be trial and error till you complete a mission is the whole one player like this? What about online does that get better with time?

Whats you favorite live game at the mo?

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I ve been entering gamer tags from the forum into my friends list, no one would get annoyed would they?

Why is the world full of chumps

P.S what is splinter cell like on live, is it necessary to put in 300 hours beofre you can play it?

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Go to the gamertag list at the top on this folder and just add some people from there. Everyone I've played with from here have been good fun. Except Elmo and DavidB. Curse them both to hell!

So, yeah, just send friend's invites to us lot and you'll see how much fun Live can be.

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