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Every Extend PC

Lasers are brilliant

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What the fuck is this shit?


It's kind of a shmup, kind of a puzzle game.

Basically, you control a craft whose sole mission is to self destruct.

As enemies flood onto the screen, you have to position yourself so that you can detonate and trigger a chain of explosions for points and more lives, so that your reign of self-destructive terror can continue until you reach the boss and explode at him.

Rendered in a flat/cel-shaded style, the graphics have a purity along the lines of other abstract homebrew shmup faves. Crisp, minimalist design abounds, layered on top of ikaruga-a-like polygon worlds for backgrounds. The soundtrack to your path of self-destruction comes in the form of generic trance, which is obviously rubbish.

all in all, this is a game of surprising depth and addictiveness. The satisfaction of letting the screen fill with 'baddies' and then clearing them all in one blast is immense. A lingering niggle that you could do better brings you back for another play time after time.

Every extend is a surprisingly professional piece of software that sits proudly alongside rRootage, warning forever and noiz2sa. And it supports joypads. Wicked.

8 ikarugas out of 10.

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Downloading now but I have to go to bed. Can't wait to try it though, it looks lovely. I like the note at top right of the screen: "This site is written in Japanese. Sorry."

What did you think of Tumiki Fighters?

God bless the homebrew shmupmakers.

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Heh... I'm not sure.

It's horizontal and you shoot stuff, then pick up the 'corpses' before they fall off the screen. The dead enemies stick to your ship and keep firing their bullet patterns, but they count as your bullets. Like a kind of powerup. You can add as many bits as you can keep out of the way of enemy fire (if a single shot hits one of the bits you picked up, they all fall off). You can even pick up bits of bosses and fire their bullet patterns straight back at them. AWESOME!

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Nice one, Lasers. Downloading now.

I went on a mad, free-shmup binge a while ago after finding this. I fucking love the internet.

Anyone played Tiyoruga? I haven't. It's a googlewhack. I may cry a bit if I don't find it.

Tumiki Fighters is tops. So is Ray-Kudryavka, in a cute, pretty but bastard-hard kinda way.

god bless the homebrew shmupmakers


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