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Pikmin 2


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Follow this link for some nice details on it and tons of pics (albeit poor quality off the TV). Spoiler warning obviously!


Also, for those of you with IGN Insider, I URGE you to check out the new batch of hi res movies. ;)

Here's a round up of Teddman's impressions.SPOILERS! -

First off, the game has four different title screens, one for each season. It's a cool touch

Each one animates too, for instance on the winter title screen you follow a flying snow moth as it cruises down through the branches of a tree to the ground, colliding with the snow and game logo. There's a lot more going on than in the first one if you leave the screen alone for awhile; bugs wonder across and Pikmin attack them to drive them off, stuff like that.

And when it boots up you have the ubiquitous Nintendo logo, but this time different Pikmin are hanging from it. A Sumo Pikmin jumps on to the logo and knocks the others all over the place, etc

The game starts off on Olimar's home planet, directly after the events of the first one. Now I don't understand Japanese from hieroglyphics, but apparently Olimar is working for some transportation/salvaging company. His boss (The President) seems to be pissed at the level of damage to the company ship and a figure of 100000 monetary units flashes on the screen

From the looks of it, I think Olimar has to return to a planet and make back the money to pay off the President. He makes sidekick-in-blue Louie go along too, who looks like a stupider version of Olimario.

The cinemas in this game are much longer and more dramatic in Pikmin 2, and the graphics are noticeably improved over the first game. The flight back to the planet is a fun little cutscene.

The cool thing is that you immediately crash land into a snow stage, which is a big departure in terrain from the previous game. Louie falls off the ship on the way down, which thrusts you into a situation where you have to switch between characters on the fly (using the Y button). They're separated and the first task is to gather your first few red Pikmin and then guide Olimar & Louie past obstacles until they meet up. Louie has his own distinctive Pikmin-flute (you know, that you play to lead them around), and it sounds like Olimar's, but a little slower and more erratic--fitting his personality.

The Olimar-Louie dynamic is great and adds a new wrinkle to the gameplay. It's even easier to multitask now, since you have two Pikmin leaders rounding up the troops. One guy can go on a recon mission while the other can hold down the fort for simple Pikmin-gathering at the end of the day. And there are situations where you have to tackle things from two sides and must learn to use the two characters for teamwork

Days progress much in the same way as they did in the first game, though I read that there isn't an overall time limit of 30 days this time. It still keeps track of each day and your Pikmin stats. I haven't noticed a frantic need to round up all the Pikmin each evening yet, (with the 10-9-8 countdown, etc), but it could be because it's still early on in the game's first zone. Olimar & Louie blast up into the air every night just like in the first one, because I assume it gets "dangerous" then.

Instead of Olimar's Journal each night, the President writes you a letter bitching at you and giving advice. The first snow area is short, but it's clearly something you'll come back to explore later as certain sections are blocked off, you don't have enough Pikmin to tear down walls, etc. The combat is essentially the same so far as in the first game--chuck or swarm those Pikmin around your enemy, dodge and repeat. You literally can't lose to the first critter or two.

Also, you don't leave tracks in the snow, something I was a bit disappointed with, but then again a few hundred Pikmin would keep the Cube's cpu pretty busy with all their footprints.

On the second day, you come across the first "dungeon," which looks like a little geyser whole in the ground. These are mini-levels where you must round up underground treasure and haul the booty back up to the surface. New monsters prowl around down there and it's dark enough in spots that you can't see too far around your group, leaving some potential for ambush attacks (hasn't happened yet).

Now, that little pink peahat-lookin' thing on the left above the text, that's some sort of robot that gives you a lot of long-winded advice throughout the game. Think of Navi from Ocarina of Time and you've got a good idea of what it's like. Even without being able to read Japanese, I can tell that it gives you info on controls, how to approach new situations, use new items & Pikmin, etc. It talks too much though and slows the pace down a tad.

After jumping into the dungeon, you pick up an item or two and bash some baddies, then make your way down into the dungeon's next "floor."

OK, last chunk of impressions for the time being, but I just wanted to hit upon the first new form of Pikmin you run across, the "Sumo Pikmin."

First of all, down in the dungeons there aren't any places to sprout new Pikmin--so it's to your advantage to bring your whole squad down there to kick the Hell out of whatever lurks below. There were also the first new Pikmin 2-exclusive enemies, a white snow-colored version of the basic ladybug monsters. It looked like I couldn't get past a certain point until I ran across this guy.[ Purple Pikmin]

They even do the little 1-2 leg stance that sumos do. These critters have the power of ten red Pikmin and can knock the Hell out of most whatever gets in your way. They made quick work of the miniboss on the final floor, and will tear down flowers and walls like there's no tomorrow. By the time I was ready to jump back onto the geyser and get blasted up out of the dungeon-hole, I had a mean gang of ruthless Pik-folk on the rampage

After each day and (I assume) each dungeon, you're scored on how well you've done, with stats broken up for each treasure you've found, your overall earnings to this point, how many Pikmin were killed in the line of battle, how many enemies you killed, and a monetary value is given to each new artifact you've found (an orange, globe, bottlecap, etc). If you get a perfect score for the day or dungeon, fireworks go off around the scoreboard like this...

So that covers up through the first dungeon, and it's been a fun romp for the 2 hours or so that I've played.

Random thoughts:

-It's hard to understand the story or constant advice from the robot guide thingy due to the language barrier, but the game action is intuitive enough that it hasn't been too much of a problem yet.

-The Pikmin sing some new marching song as you go along, which mimics whatever background music is playing. Pretty funny. They genenrally make a lot more noises in this game than in the first, and are more expressive in their actions. Nintendo gave them more character this time around.

-The X button toggles whether Olimar or Louie are in the front of your group (when both guys are together). I can't tell yet if there is any advantage to having one or the other in charge.

-I need to figure out how to copy save files from someone who reads Japanese. I fumbled around in the menu trying to do that last night and deleted my file instead, had to start over.

-It's a fun game, hopefully the ton of delays has paid off.

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Pik 2 should be good, but check out those losers on the linked page. "Pikmin? I didnt know you were gay", and being called a fucking faggot. A fine example of a couple of complete twats who love their "mature" games.

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Pik 2 should be good, but check out those losers on the linked page. "Pikmin? I didnt know you were gay", and being called a fucking faggot. A fine example of a couple of complete twats who love their "mature" games.

Well, yeah. Sadly these kind of idiots still exist. ;)

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Wow, that guy Xminster on the forum link is the archetype of stereotypical frothing Xbox fans... I mean, just look: Xbox logo, picture of unattainable female, and of course, saying that everyone else is gay just to prove his masculinity/heterosexuality.

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Wow, that guy Xminster on the forum link is the archetype of stereotypical frothing Xbox fans... I mean, just look: Xbox logo, picture of unattainable female, and of course, saying that everyone else is gay just to prove his masculinity/heterosexuality.

Interesting factoid; I called him a homophobic cunt a few days ago after he slagged off Okami big time.

His words where -

Why dont you go back to the circle jerking jap wannabe group you came from. Its a mess of crappy colours staring a japanese Lassy. How incredibly gay.

Jesus Christ you idiots will priase any trash from Japan. Sad pathetic retard

Please, keep your OKAMOKAGAMI, we sure as hell dont want it.


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May be mild spoilers.

Been playing this all day. Onto the 2nd location, but as with the original you have to go back between them. Theres not really any laguage problems, once I had got a menu translation. You would need to have played the original to understand what to do. The 2nd character hasn't really come into play yet apart from the forced tutorial. With the day limit gone I'm happily taking my time growing the best pikmin and exploring away. Very relaxing. The new underground sections are a nice twist. It gives you a hint as to what pikmin to take down in the form of icons such as fire, water etc.

You do get some cards but I have not seen how they link in with the game apart from a set of instructions showing how to link up the gba.

Edit: The e-reader cards are region encoded so do not wotk with m US e-reader 8)

The box is really quite splendid. Pikmin modelled in plastacine and the centre pages of the manual have a nice small poster.

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Pikmin is a truly sinister game. Kind of like Cannon Fodder updated for modern times. A friend of mine told me what happens in the first game if you fail to get off the planet in time. Shit me right up, it did. 8)

The sumo Pikmin look the shizzlety fizzle. With this game being good, I might get a GC later in the year. Pikmin 1 and 2, Twin Snakes, Metroid, F-Zero, Resident Evil 4...yes, I'd say thats enough good games to warrant a purchase. And Unity if it ever comes out.

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Reading about all these little touches and the care and attention that seems to have gone into this game has made me oh-so-sad that I really can't bloody stand realtime strategy gameplay, and will concequently not be buying this.

Oh well. 8)

Have you played Pikmin 1 at all? It's really not that much like an RTS. It's much more of a puzzle game.

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Have you played Pikmin 1 at all?

Yes, I didn't like it much because of the RTS elements. All those Pikmin going off and doing their own thing, having to keep an eye on what's going on all the time, all that management... too stressful! I guess the time limit didn't help matters.

I did like the puzzle elements, however the controls and/or flocking formations needed work to stop many of the trickier ones from being infuriating.

And hey, I even got the 'good' ending! (No, it's NOT cheating!!)

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My beefs with the 1st one -

  • The time limit fror each day (not the 30 day limit).
  • Suicidal red and yellow pikmin near water.
  • It was obviouyslt rushed and felt unfinished, although it was nice and polished.

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how can it have been rushed and unfinished yet nice and polished?

not usually my cup of tea but i thought it was a great game actually, and now i can't wait for the second.

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