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Xbox - TOCA Race Driver 2


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Still didn't buy it, have been hearing so many mixed messages. If you guys are still playing next week, I'll buy it :angry:

I don't like the story mode too much...the scottish guy ios an arse and you don't get a chance to practice the courses before being thrown in at the deep end. I like to practice a good few laps before competing so that you at least have a chance..

However...I have been playing simulation mode, this is where you can unlock alot of the other cars. You can also choose your level of opposition (normal/hard) and you get qualifying laps to practice...which is nice. Also, if you select the manual gear box (I have the gear set to the up/down on the right thumbstick), this makes for a much more intense game. I've been playing it on hard and it is really challenging, very close racing...best circuit racing game I have ever played.

Another bonus is that the AI (unlike the cheating b*st*rds in PGR2) actually drive well, defend the racing line, late brake and generally make a nuisance of themselves without barging you off the circuit everytime.

I haven't played on-line yet however, should be on tomorrow afternoon, stick me on your friends list, gamertag is in my sig... :o

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quite enjoyed a session with longer laps, and a mandatory pit. makes most people more careful how they drive, and gives you a chance to recover if you get caught up in a first lap pile up. that and you get to know the tracks better. i find the 3 lap races too short.

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Anyone on later today?

I'll be on again tonight, after some 'interesting' races last night. Napoleon, I was very much the same and even checked if I could return it to Gamestation if I didn't like it. After one evening's play though, the single player is enjoyable enough, and the online races showed great potential. It was only the fact that Syntax Error and I were playing a bunch of complete idiots that spoiled it. The host actually kicked Syntax out of the game because he was winning. :lol:

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I'm gonna say it.

Better Than PGR2.

Unleash the trolls!


Also like the fact that you can have the AI cars on Live too. And they're good fun and bloody hard when you have them set to 100% as we did tonight.

So, yes, best racing game on Live? i think so.

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I will be playing this later, oh yes. Bloody brilliant it is, although I am going to sit on the fence when it comes to saying if it beats PGR2 or not, lets just say it is, its equal ;)

There is a free two month trial to the live service included in the box DJSack, so you may wish to start with this rather than paying for live from the outset. If you haven't already subscribed that is.

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