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UT2004 15/04/2004


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How much have you guys practiced 2003/2004? I must be at about 40/50 hours.

I played UT2003 a bit, UT99 loads, and I've been playing UT2004.. more than I should. But I've never really stopped playing FPSs. It was CoD before UT2004.

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i haven't played 2004 much at all. nor did i 2003. quake was the first and last game of this ilk i was really good at. the rocket launcher was teh best!1!!1111.

i'll get into 2004 more now i have more time - games were promising last night though i'm not sure about instagib or invasion. i'm a more straight deathmatch man myself.

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Yeah I need to change the controls. I kept pressing a button last night that brought up a chat thing, or the console, I wasn't sure which. Whatever it was it stopped me from being able to run until I pressed ESC.

It's R or possibly E.

Regardless - the key is Team Speak, and shouldn't be anywhere near WASD.

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