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Boot Sales 11th & 12th April


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Indeed I was, however as you know I keep away from certain boots on certain days and like to spread my considerable love about.

I went out yesterday (as you well know) and today...

Now I can't be arsed with Amiga sh*t - I did see Y&T for the first time in an age, a couple of amigas wih a pile of games but frankly wouldn't touch them with yours so I ended up with this lot. (BTW I'm not suprised you were allowed to operate with impunity this morning, our mutual friend that  we sent off elsewhere turned up at my regular bank holiday haunt, I shall have to fix that for next time, not that He got anything..).  and as you saw yesterday I won't have N64 in the house ;-)

So: I plundered the following.

Pal ps1.

Namco museum 3 £1

Help Charity compilation £1

Capcom Generations £3

Everybodys golf 2

Star Wars Rebel Assualt

Jumping Flash £3

Theme Hospital £2

Pal ps2

Ecco £1

kiri Kiri mix. £2

Eye toy and game £10

Spectrum 48K boxed , interface 1, pile of games, a few carts - boxed - which is very nice, £10 .


Sims busting out £10

Tennis game £3

DOA3 £5


Soul Calibur £2

Snes, 4 games, £4.

Snes, unBoxed, 5 Games, all boxed, £9

Big (and I mean big) pile of PC Games, so what you cry, well were talking 50p a pop and the likes of Discworld 1 and 2 in big boxed, various monkey islands, FF VII blah blah.

2 pds, both a fiver each both Windows CE devices.

TI994a inc 10 games £2

spectrum plus 48 £3


boxed machine.

super space invaders.

road Rash

Rainbow Islands. £5 that lot.

ps2 offical pad £3

Socom press pack inc headset and stickers, album etc.

Japanese Castlevania on gameboy

Boxed B&W Gameboy £3

Tomy 3d VFD game £1

and a mint boxed all instructions and cellephane etc

Fire Game and Watch just like I'd told you I wanted  :D


Amiga = Top Banana

Some really good games if your into adventures and strategy. I always felt they looked and played yonks better than the PC versions. Maybe that was just me, I don't know :D

Was our mutual friend down in the dumps as usual? The way he thinks wearing a hat is going to be a good enough disguise :unsure: Send him to RichM's patch with my regards :D

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Scum. :(

:) That was a one off find!! There has to be £300-£400 worth there. That would make it my most valuable carboot find ever. I thought the day was going to be rubbish too :P

This was the final pic I took with all the guns 'n stuff added before I packed it all safely away...


The other Optimus Primes in there are ones I've had lying around since last year. They're only worth about 20 notes as none are 100% complete.


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Thats pretty cool, if its original and boxed !

Is it the large ( about 30 cm long version ) ?

IIRC (It's in my old mans loft in York) It was freakishly large compared to my other transformer toys but as to if it was 30cm or not I have no idea. :D

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