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Unreal Tournament 2004


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For some reason TTS refuses to work on my pc anymore. Shame. "Oh my fu*king god you n00b lamer" :P

Anyway, everyone have microphone-based fun. Don't be shy now.

get shit talker. it has loads of filters as well so you can sound like all sorts of people!

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whatever you do don't do a google search for 'shit talker download'


What is Shit Talker actually for anyway? It plays stock phrases using machine speak but isn't connected to the text to speech engine in any way...

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I'm not sure about this though, it means that a proper clan will start and people like me will be kicked off..

Don't be daft. Noone will ever be kicked off if they're a clan member. If we can get 6 good players together we might be able to challenge other clans, but tbh I think it should just stay as all friends together most of the time.

The server will always be available if people do want to settle grudges and stuff mind you... :)

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on the dvd there is the speech tts thingy


maybe you could try installing it again

Actually, I already tried that...strangely enough every time I tried to install it, the "windows installer" window popped up with "preparing to install"...the loading bar went half way and then the whole thing disappeared.

I also tried downloading a redistributable as recommended by someone on a windows xp support forum...and that didn't solve the problem. I even downloaded the whole speech sdk thing. Bleh. There's no hope for me.

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I tried playing Splinter Cell the other day with a stranger by only using words I had heard from The Bill.

I was like, "Sierra Tango two three five, over. We have a 10/4 in room 202. ETA 30 seconds"

And he's like, "Dude, STFU".

Funniest voice comm post ever :)

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Well smooth for me too!

I must just of missed you Devil, you were listed in the browser as i joined!

Server setup stuff (including voting etc)


Some tweakage, if things are not to smooth for you


INI management tool


I know how to write the .ini file, but when I upload it and hit the server restart in Jolt's webadmin it doesn't appear to take affect. I'm playing with it at the moment.

If you're on the server tonight you'll be playing against several bots set to "adept" difficulty. Neemo and I just got our arses kicked.

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;) the url and password is up on a site? Won't any tom dick or harry turn up now? :ph34r: Did you install the anti-cheat software on the server? I can't stand cheating! Ill hopefully see you all on there tomorrow
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Both UTsecure and the skinhack blocking are on the server, and known cheats are blocked as part of Jolt's global blocking list. As for the password, yeah anyone can turn up if they know about the edge clan website, but I have my special admin kick/ban stick ready! ;)

TDM game tomorrow night! (Or DM if theres only a few of us)

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TDM game tomorrow night! (Or DM if theres only a few of us)

Who is able to use voice comms? Even better how do you use voice comms in UT2k4? I have a headphone set with attached microphone so it is time I actually tried it to see if it works. Not much point though if no one else uses them.

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gg all. that was great fun.

Yes it was, excellent games all night apart from -

1. DM on Deck 17. I had 20 frags and over 40 deaths. :D

2. The ONS vehicle which holds 3 people. I was in it with 2 other people waiting for literally several minutes for someone to take us to our destination. Then I realised I was the driver. :D

3. I can't figure out how to get my voice comms to work. Probably not a bad thing as I mumble anyway. :D

How long do we have the server for? When is the next official 'meet'?

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