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Prog Rock: Porcupine Tree Return!


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  • 3 years later...

the ultimate pink floyd, and therefore probably the best prog rock album IMO


brilliant mix of acoustic shorter songs accompanied by a very long prog masterpiece

I've tried King Crimson, but I've only liked "The Court of the Crimson King" so far

wasn't keen on some of Genesis' early stuff

more recent stuff, I know its got death metal aspects to it, but some of OPETH's work has some brilliant prog rock parts

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Listening to a lot of The Ocean at the moment. Dunno if it's prog or not, but listen to

from the album fluXion. It's simply one of the best bits of music I've heard in a long time.

Track down the original as the YouTube tinniness ruins it a fair bit.

EDIT: Actually, it almost kills the song.

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I only really listen to Pink Floyd prog rock wise but I have tried to get into other stuff. Genesis and Rush imparticular but no love.

Echoes is great but only for the title track and one of these days imo. My favourite Floyd album switches beteewn the 'big 4' from week to week.

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Well, if we're going into Krautrock, let's go really crazy. Here's a link to a great looking french radio show:

DELIRE MUSICAL featured music by Stromba, Femi Kuti, Embryo, Amon Düül II*,

Guru Guru, Vril, Frank Zappa, This Heat*, Koenji Hyakkei, Dan Deacon* and

David Garland* (*=recent release/reissue). That's dub, afrobeat, krautrock,

RIO, quirky electro-pop and fabulous songwriting in under 56 minutes or so.

You can download the complete Delire Musical show aired July 31 here:


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Those 2 King Crimson fragments were quite nice. A few awesome tracks that may or may not be prog rock have popped up on recent mix cd's I've bought. I thought I'd post them up and you can tell me if they are and what you think of them. They're ripped from a mix so the start/end might not be clean but they are all great tunes, and the sort of thing I've not really heard much of before.

alf emil eik - to you.mp3 - 6.92MB

pekka pohjola - pressure.mp3 - 9.91MB :wub:

area code 615 - devil weed and me.mp3 - 7.56MB

Opinions, information or recommendations of anything similar please!

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Nice track... some lovely sounds in there, pleasent singing too. Had a nice folky feel to it.

Oooh that's got a good synth sound, some similar vibes to what I'd associate some of Goblin's stuff with.

I really like that track, great varience, the banjo sound works so well... I'd like more where that came from.

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Saw Porcupine Tree on their recent "Tour Of A Blank Planet" tour, which was phenomenal. Anesthatize was incredible to see played live.

Support act Pure Reason Revolution were a real treat too. You can listen to some of their stuff over at their MySpace page.

It's been a good month for prog really. At present I'm listening to:

Lullaby For The Devil - Dead Soul Tribe (tribal metal)

Save My Soul - Poverty's No Crime (fast Prog Metal with lots of interlacing keyboard and guitar work)

Systemic Chaos - Dream Theater (the daddy's of prog metal)

Night - Gazpacho (a slow burning prog rock band, who create some great sound scapes - not to be judged on a brief listen!)

Ghost Opera - Kamelot (bombastic prog metal to row your Viking ship to - great soaring vocals and melodies)

The Dark Third - Pure Reason Revolution (contemporary sounds and a male/female vocal combo, mixed with progressive ideas and song structures - well worth a listen)

Fear Of A Blank Planet - Porcupine Tree (edgy and unpredictable - a real roller coaster of sounds and emotions)

Dead Reckoning - Threshold (powerful melodic prog metal, from the uk's best prog metal band)

Snakes & Arrows (website will piss you off by resizing your browser window!) - Rush (a return to form from one of progs early leaders)

Paradise Lost - Symphony X (traditional prog metal, with a good mix of lighter and heavier moments)

... and I've also managed a sneek peek at Riversides new one - Rapid Eye Movement.

Overall, there's really been some great prog released in the past few...

Aside from the aforementioned tree, I'm off to see Threshold live next month. Should be interesting, as Mac (the bands singer) decided to leave the band just before their festival dates, and only weeks before their Dead Reckoning tour. Happily enough though, the bands original vocalist, Damian Wilson has stepped in at the last minute to do the tour, so that should be something quite special :lol:

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Not a particulary fan of prog rock, but a friend of mine made a fansite for the Norwegian group Lucifer Was (official website) and he played their albums all the time so I became fond of a few songs, even went to Oslo and Gothenburg for a couple of concerts. Lately I co-designed the front cover on their latest album - yay me!

Edit: Link fixed

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Don't like prog rock, but I like Hawkwind. Would you really class them prog?

Not really.

My favourite prog album at the moment:


The opening track takes up whole of the first side and is absolutely incredible. It's all about the screams at about fifteen minutes in.

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Still my fave:


dunno if this counts but Can - Oh Yeah! is just amazing.

Heh, I just bought the re-released 5.1 surround mix DVD of Space Ritual. It also has the "extended" ver of the album which I think was Space Ritual Vol 2.

Already got them both on vinyl and CD. Does that make me sad? :lol:

Hawkwind = Best Band Evar. Evar! OK? No? Then you're wrong! :o

On another note, no mention of Pallas?

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The more metallically inclined amongst you may be interested to know that the latest edition of Terrorizer magazine (UK's leading extreme metal rag) is a Prog special, which will be running over the next three issues.

There's a general overview article on its origins and development, and interviews with Rush, Ian Anderson, Van der Graf Generator, Zombi, and some other things I can't remember. I've only skimmed it so far, but seems well researched, and also approachable for the Prog novice.

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  • 4 years later...

Thread necromancy.

Listen to quite a few proggy/krautrock-y bands, but for some strange reason I seemed to have missed an entire genre (sub-genre) called Zeuhl. Zeuhl appears to be simply a French version of Krautrock.

First band i've listened to is Magma, specifically the album Attachk. And it is glorious.

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Zeuhl is a very different beast to what tends to get labelled Krautrock. It's much more theatrical than what the Germans were doing at that time. It's worth noting that even for a pretty small scene there was a lot of shite, but there are still some gems.


Magma's best are probably Udu Wudu and MDK, but I love pretty much everything they did in the first decade.

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