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Under Siege 3


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Plot outline taken from IMDB:

"Plot Outline: Casey Ryback is sent on a mission to take out Muslim terrorists who have taken over a flight from Israel to USA."

Surely this has to be the most ill conceived idea in the history of cinema. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the pop corn scoffing IQ numbing first two, but this is surely a tasteless concept. Or am I just being too conservative?

Either way, it should be hilarious seeing Segal back in action. I watched his latest one "Belly of the Beast" and I can't recommend a better comedy. The fight scenes are comedy gold x 1000. With one flick of his pinky, watch as Segal flicks his opponents through stone walls, and leaves his - five sizes smaller - body double to perform any kick scenes.

Ahhhh, still, Under Siege 3 seems a bit desperate, and with that sort of plot, is either going to be lapped up or despised by all and sundry.

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Hey, the makers of that sound like great people. Perhaps I'll pitch another movie idea to them:

All the President's Men II - Two muslim journalists uncover conspiracy and cover-up in the US government and cause the downfall of the administration.

I'm sure they'd be fighting for the rights to it!

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