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Steel Battalion: Line Of Contact


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Is anyone up for a game of this tomorrow (4th). I am a bit overwelmed by the amount of options there are on this game and would like to have some games with some friendly people from this forum. I should be available from 12.00pm onwards.

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Forget anything I said dissing this game. EVERYTHING.

This... is just beautiful. Apart from the lag.

BUT HEY, it's still all complicated and strategic and beautiful. It's going to ruin me in the end...

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Got some fancy optional parts me :D Makes the Scare Face almost good! I'm sitting pretty (although not that pretty) with 80,000 supply points and a handful (about 20) VTs.


Minor annoyance though; game can't be restricted in VT usage, just "requested" that 1st or whatever are used. Doesn't stop some arsehole from using a 2nd gen (although, a whole team did this tonight and we still won :wub: ).

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Will anyone be on this today (Sunday)? I'm going to try and drag myself away from Splinter Smell and get myself initiated on Battalion. So, if any of you chaps/chapesses would be willing to show me the ropes in a few games I would love to join you all. PM me or summing.

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Anyone pointed out that it's £55 in Japan (store in Yokohama)?

Shame about the shipping costs!



Interestingly though, if you look at the back of the new manual you'll see that an out of warrenty repair / replace will only cost you £20. So if its 20 quid for the hardware and what, £2 for the disc, that is a nice profit margin for capcom in that £130 quid box

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