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Battlefield Earth


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Hehe ..its actually cinda fun

..though its not trying to be

Saw it for the first (and maybe last?) time some days ago..

Its sooo bad and illogical it’s kind of amusing!

*spoiler* (hehe.. though I don’t know if its possible to "spoil" Battlefield Earth :()

A couple of examples:

Cavemen flying jets?

How did lots of (human)electrical things work after 1000 years?

*end spoiler*

Especially the dvd extras where people talk about how good it is ;)

..is there a single thing that is good about it?

..the acting ..the script ..the costumes ..the effects ..the clipping

..did i miss anything?

..its all garbage :lol:

..and the humans and aliens almost looked the same! Especially the hair…

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I watched this on TV the other night, holy shit, what a load of crap. I've seen some bad movies in my time and have always heard that Battlefield Earth was bad, but figured how bad can it be as it must have had some money behind it as well as some big actors. Boy was I wrong. An absolute turd of a film.

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I thought it was ok if nowhere near as good as the book.

You thought the book was good? I gave up after he spent a few hundred pages writing about Tyler being locked in a cage eating rats.... Come on man! Your book doesn't need to be THAT long! It's pulp sci-fi!!

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I saw it as part of an epic double bill with Batman and Robin - the latter has the hilariously stupid one liners, but the former is a more spectacularly moronic film. I laughed and larfed.

"MAN-ANIMALS? With LEVerage? Over ME?" One nuclear bomb killing an entire planet. Fantastic stuff.

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