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UT2k4 RLL Clan


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So, a quick role call:

1. Onion

2. Soong

3. Pandy

4. Ed-E

5. Rllmuk

6. Devilfish

7. Neemo

8. Raze

9. Oli

10. DarthSquirrel

11. suzakuseven

12. Patriot

13. Trok Reaper

14. U2031

15. Footle

Plus I'm sure theres one or two more #Edgers who have expressed an interest. Ace. Thats a great start. As always, keep an eye out for me ([Edge]Drift) on Jolt and Multiplay.co.uk Onslaught servers.

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If you take a look in the Announcements forum on the clan site you'll find a stack of level details for the final release..

Hmmm, only 6 assault maps but on the plus side -

Title="LavaGiant 2" :lol:

Title="Facing Worlds 3" :(

9 Onslaught maps seems just about right, to start with anyway.

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is anyone still playing the demo? ive been giving it a bit of a thrashing over the last few days, but not seen anyone from here/ #edge on the server mentioned on onion's page.

That was only for that evening..

Personally I tend to use the Jolt public servers mostly. At the moment.. :lol:

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