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Hmmmmmm. They screwed up a lot. Lensky was supposed to be *much* younger, a teenager reaching and struggling with adulthood and ideas of marriage. In that context, his behaviour would have made a lot more sense (and be even more tragic). But the actor was clearly closer to 28 than 18, so he just came across as an over-sensitive provincial idiot who was asking for it. In such a simple story, these things matter. Imagine if they'd got an actor who really did look like a kid. You need that kind of justification to understand why Onegin buggered off for a full six years, even if Fiennes did a great job of coming back 'subdued'.

At the same time, it's a strangely beautiful slideshow for me on a personal level. I don't know why but I have a childhood full of images of 'that' Russia, all fur hats and snow and sleighbells and muskets and toy soldiers and Tchaikovsky. In fact, they should have used Tchaikovsky. The score wasn't nearly romantic enough.

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