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movies that feature video gaming


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the one that always springs to mind for me is the last starfighter. i remember watching it when i was younger and it totally blew me away. its basically about a teenager who is really good at this space invaders style arcade game, who is suddenly enlisted to help a real war in space, all because of his gaming skills! i dont remember the plot too well as it was such a long time ago that i saw it, but i remember the friendly alien, who was his gunner i think? who i think looked like ben out of the fantastic four.

another movie i can think of is freddys dead, when freddy puts on a nintendo powerglove, and chases a victim through a videogame, a basic platformer.

brainscan- eddie furlong buys a videogame where you murder people but then it actually turns out to be real! i remember this because of the scary gamemaster monster dude who i think was played by the same monster out of little monsters?

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