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It's the last SHAMELESS tonight

Hello Goaty ♥

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I think it's rubbish. So there.

Scallies are bad enough without making a program which makes their lifestyle seem interesting, quirky and intelligent.

That comment isn't supposed to be as inflammatory as it sounds... but I just don't like the program at all.

Well, eveyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I reckon it's ace. Probbaly the best thing on telly at the moment. Funny, trying to be at least a bit original and a bit different to everything else.

As for not promoting their lifestyle, what about the classic Porridge, based around prison inmates......or the horrific Liverpool comedy Bread, which was as enjoyable as having my teeth pulled out one by one, and then replaced with broken glass before having a meal of pebbles.

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I don't care what anyone says, I think this series is great and I'm watching it again.

What's panto about it? Yes, the characters all have hearts of gold, but I grew up on a council estate and I'm delighted to see somebody unafraid of using it as a backdrop to a comic drama instead of some grim social study. It's like reading Martin Millar.

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