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Takeshi's Castle returns! (Amazon Prime Japan)

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Ohhhhhhh yes. I used to love the original show on Challenge! The Craig Charles commentary became a little bit annoying after TC was a cult hit (he was funnier when everyone involved in the import probably thought only one man and his dog would watch it), but the format always had so much potential. Insurance waivers ahoy, let's see some mayhem! Hopefully it'll come here soon. Animal FTW.


Favourite round? Mine was probably Skipping Stones or Bridge Ball.

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Bridge ball was my favourite, followed by Skipping Stones.  Someon e getting completely beaned in the face on Bridge Ball will never not be one of the funniest things in existance.

Skipping Stones I was allways amazed at that nobody ever died (well, that I know of)...

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First bit looked abit Wipeout with big spinning multi coloured foam things and huge colourful set, which put me off. Part of Takeshi's Castle's charm was how low budget and dangerous it all looked. Then old favourites like skipping stones, bridge ball and surf board of doom turned up. Needs boulder dash and the one where you swing on a massive rope and have to land on a small platform. That one probably broke half the contestants ribs.

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The surf board game (wipeout I think it was called) was easily my favourite. I never got sick of seeing people get one foot on then instantly flip head over heels and face plant the water. 

Defo needs Craig Charles for me.

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