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Sega-Never not at it (Cosmic Smash VR!)


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Sega appears to be teasing a new instalment of its classic Japanese arcade and Dreamcast game Cosmic Smash.


On Monday the company launched a mysterious teaser site, Csmashvrs.com, along with social media accounts with the profile name “C-Smash VRS”. It wrote: “Eye c sth forming”.


Given the name of the URL, it’s possible the project being teased is for VR. Wolf & Wood, the British studio behind VR title The Last Worker, also retweeted the teaser site on Monday, along with several of its developers.

I can't remember ever playing Cosmic Smash so I've no idea if it'd work as a VR game. I just find it funny that of all the games Sega could decide to bring back they opt for the weird future techno Squah and Breakout mashup.

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Not one of my faves (though the box was super cool)


Sega and VR don't seem to go together very well at the moment. That Panzer game went through what can only be described as a very weird cycle of events and the House of the Dead remake which would've been perfect didnt have a VR mode...

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Game is a banger. One that was left pretty barebones due to coming out after the Dreamcast’s death, so much potential in that franchise, it’s simple yet stylish futuristic aesthetics would work great in VR. Always criticise SEGA for neglecting their rich history so can’t complain when they finally do something different.

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I’ve tried both days since it’s been out and can’t get a quick match opponent at all. I think the best way to demo the online will be to invite a friend (which is the only option you have when you select create a game).


As far as tennis simulators go it’s the best I’ve experienced, but I think it’s missing some hook to really grab me. I struggle to place the ball towards the high targets, usually it just stays in the middle bottom - I have better luck if I smash it to the floor and let it bounce up, but it’s very hard to aim that kind of shot.

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