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The Rig - Amazon’s supernatural shenanigans

Vespa Alex

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Wife and I watched this over the last few night, bit of nonsense fluff really.


Some absolutely shocking CGI in the last episode as well.


Enjoyed how a lot of the characters were named after North Sea rigs :lol:


Fulmar, Magnus, Hutton, Alwyn, Heather, Dunlin & Murchison all stuck out, I've done work on at least half of them at some point in my career.

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(Spoiler free)


I watched this over the last couple of evenings and thought it was a mixed bag. The first episode was pretty good at drawing you in, with the next couple setting up the characters / mystery. It gave me some The Thing vibes what with being cut off from the outside world and not knowing who was affected.


Unfortunately it took a serious downturn in the mid to later episodes. As has been mentioned, the CGI goes from bareable to awful. They obviously ran out of budget for the big (anti)climax. The ending was pretty meh and left me pretty unsatisfied thinking "was that it?".


You do end up watching these things and regretting having spent 6 hours of your life watching it. It started well but it's just a shame it didn't really go anywhere. The ending is left up to your own interpretation on what happens next, but I realise I don't care enough to bother even wondering.

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24 minutes ago, Mikes said:

Three eps in. First ep was really good and promising, but by ep 3 it's gone all Dr Who. Still, i shall persevere and convince myself I liked it to justify the time spent.

Why not. Most of us did. 

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