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Exception. Animated sci-fi series on Netflix


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8 episodes mini series. 
Deep space horror/suspense theme. 
Character designs by Yoshitaka Amano. 
Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto. 



I just finished watching this - I thought it was good. Nothing too heavy and pretty concise at just 8 episodes, but it kept me hooked and I was keen to find out the next twist and turn of the story. The art style is a little strange but I recognised Amano’s designs before I saw his name in the credits! Sakamoto’s score is also very nice. 


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This is actually quite cool. I don't actually think it's that great visually: the character designs themselves are amazing of course, but it's got a particularly bland CG look and stiff animation to it unfortunately. But I'm enjoying the story and that's carrying it so that's the main thing.

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Ultimately I enjoyed it, but didn't like it. Because of how it ends:



I'm not sure I like the "message" of the series. Lewis and Kate get a happily ever after and the planet's native creatures are completely fucked. There's no cautionary tale here at all.


I thought it was going to be leading up to at least some reflection on colonialism despite Patty being foiled, but nope.


I did enjoy the story unfolding but I think I really don't like its "politics". Or at least how vague it is exploring them.


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Mind you, I did just read this fantastic counterpoint to that in the following Reddit comment (ending spoilers):




The Lionfish comment was well observed, so I think I've definitely missed maybe some of the intended meaning in it.


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