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Gerard Butler Film, Title Inside


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On 25/12/2022 at 22:23, Captain Novaforce said:


I think he's trying. Honestly he'd be better off just doing what Sean Connery did and be inexplicably Scottish in every role. Worked in 300 

Was it Greenland in which he was also a Scot, which I seem to remember the script took great pains in pointing out.

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The word comes up and I was expecting something else to reveal on the outer edges, but no, it's just that. 


That trailer is a great example of why I never watch trailers these days: it's basically the film in 2 minutes but with the ending cut off. It literally goes through the story. Whatever happened to genuinely appetite-whetting trailers that would give you a general feel for the action, the setting, and trusted you to get the story when you watched the actual film?


I will definitely watch this when it's out though. All these Gerard Butler films are complete trash, with the better ones being alright B-movies with higher production values. 

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A higher rotten tomatoes rating than Con Air, Die Hard 2, Rush Hour, The Equalizer, The Mummy, Bad Boys, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Blade, The Running Man, Bloodsport, Crank, The Peacemaker, Batman, Independence Day, Volcano, Ronin, Cliffhanger, Waterworld, Starship Troopers, Point Break, Last Action Hero, Under Siege 2, Payback, Sudden Death, Entrapment, Patriot Games, The Long Kiss Goodnight, True Lies, Demolition Man, Hardcore Henry, The Fifth Element, Desperado, Big Trouble In Little China, The Rock, Rush Hour 2, Daylight, Dantes Peak and The Last Boy Scout! 


Not Under Siege though.

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