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Which games need a tiny tweak?


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2 hours ago, Textface said:

Vampire Survivors. Hold down a trigger puts it into slow mo mode. And possibly a way of zooming into the utter carnage.

There’s no situation where this would be useful. If you think it would, your build has simply reached the point where you’re fucked.

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Hollow Knight: add a check point before the bosses. I don't mind difficult bosses that require you to learn from your mistakes, but when there's a mandatory two minute run up between each attempt - it really slows down your ability to iterate. (I don't like it in the Souls games either, but at least it's easier to make a Benny Hill style run for it there).


Outer Wilds, Echoes of the Eye: remove the stealth. I actually quite liked the [very mild spoilers/clues for how you complete it]


'orientate yourself', 'short burn of the engine', 'cruise'

nature of the angler fish section in the main game, but the stealth in the DLC really got in the way of exploration in my view.

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On 28/12/2022 at 23:48, Skull Commander said:

Mario Party games need a "Hurry the Fuck up Mode" where the computer players take their turns quickly and all the cut scene type bits are skipable. 

The latest one actually does this and is pretty great because of it. Could still be faster and have a little less of the repeating tutorial text stuff but at least they finally listened.

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Yakuza 7 / Like a Dragon:


Don't force the player to exit and reload some of the minigames after *every single round*. Some of them like the baseball and the ufo catchers are infuriatingly tedious as a result.


Horizon franchise:


Hire a professional voice actor for your AAA game's protagonist rather than a minor YouTube celeb with the dramatic range of a spring onion.


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On 27/12/2022 at 10:03, dumpster said:

Space Giraffe - allow me to turn off the trippy backdrop so I can see.  Or have it off at the start then introduce with increasing intensity. It's mad trying to learn how to play when you cant see anything.  


Are you playing on PC or Xbox?

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On 24/12/2022 at 21:52, iknowgungfu said:

Yup. This. Allow us to drop items from inventory when opening chests, picking items etc. without coming out of it. ☹️

I'm convinced the inventory in BOTW was originally going to be managed via the Wii U touchscreen. it would have made perfect sense and would have been much more elegant and intuitive. When it became a muli-system game, I think they removed the touchscreen functionality from the Wii U version so it wouldn't be superior to the Switch version.

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In Sonic Frontiers you can visit two characters that will upgrade your skills, Hermit Koco and Elder Koco. Hermit Koco will take all of the tokens you've collected and level up your strength and defence immediately. There's no option to do this with Elder Koco though- you have to speak to him and choose whether you want more speed or to increase the maximum number of rings you can hold.


This means that if you accumulate loads of Koco to give to him, you have to go through the same dialogue and choice for every level that you earn, up to level 99 for both skills. A simple tweak would've been to allow you to split quantities of Koco gathered between skill categories in one go, instead of going through the same dialogue over and over and over again. There's also a brief pause before the menu responds to input, which gets irritating. I reached a point in the final world where I'd bought Koco through the fishing minigame and it took me about twenty minutes of going through the same dialogue loop to bring myself to the maximum level for both skills. This should've been instant.


Also, every menu should loop from the bottom of the options list back to the top and vice versa. Reaching the bottom of a menu and not being able to get back to the top by pressing down is one of those little improvements that should just be standard UI practice by now.

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