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The Game Awards 2022 - 12:30 a.m. GMT

Nick R

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1 hour ago, Girth Certificate said:

Had to go on Wikipedia to see what games actually won awards since the game websites don’t seem particularly interested in that aspect of the show. Feels like they should just produce a Game Trailers Playlist On YouTube for 2023.


I couldn't believe I couldn't watch a trailer of the trailers (or a playlist) this morning. Having to scroll to videos between snarky comments in an article was just annoying. I'm sure they had ads between the real videos but I didn't notice.


But to be fair to news outlets on the awards themselves. The shoe seemed just as uninterested in most of the awards. I didn't watch most of it so only mostly saw minor awards but those were so rushed it feels like there may be far far too many awards. Almost participation levels of shit.

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4 hours ago, Wiper said:

Sky still exists? Huh. Given every other Thatgamecompany game was wonderful, I should probably actually try it sometime.


I watched the Aurora concert thing they advertised and it was genuinely really great. It's repeated every few hours until the end of the year I think - definitely worth checking out if you're curious. It was cool watching a 'live' thing with loads of other people - the atmosphere came across better than I expected and everyone spamming emojis at the same time did make it feel like a shared moment. Actually good / 10 Bill Clintons.

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No surprise Elden Ring won, totally deserved. Congratulations to the FROM team. 






Sigh. None of the trailers peaked my interest. It all looked polished, overproduced, devoid of originality (the Diablo trailer was a bit entertaining though)

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