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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.


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1 hour ago, Hitcher said:

Confused by Gamora's appearance in this. When is it set?

Post Endgame.


Its the past pre leaving Thanos version of Gamora who ended up being won over the hero’s side at the end of that movie and was left in the future but she has no memory of her time with the Guardians and isn’t in love with Peter as she literally just met them (as all those events for her had not happened yet).

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Yeah its not really that confusing, I thought it was all self explanatory.


Thanos came forward in time, bringing along Gamora, Nebula and his cronies. They all died apart from Gamora, so when Thanos was defeated, she was stuck in the new furture timeline. 


They even show a part where Peter is search for her on the computer at the end of Endgame.

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2 hours ago, Gigawatt said:

I love that song so much. 

It's woven into the trailer so beautifully. There's even a snatch of the outro that leads into the next song on Resident Alien right near the beginning, just as they're standing on the bridge of their ship. When I realised what they'd done after that initial clue I was absolutely blown away by everything afterwards. It was great to see old fans popping up in comments sections last night with a similar sense of disbelief!

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