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RIP Christine McVie


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I think this is a good obituary - https://www.theringer.com/music/2022/12/1/23488194/christine-mcvie-fleetwood-mac-obit


From the day one fans, to the people for whom the mega-selling Rumours soundtracked their Rick Moody–esque key parties, to the children conceived at said key parties, to the contrarians who insist (possibly correctly) that Tusk is the real masterpiece, to the punks and hipsters that eventually admitted to themselves that Fleetwood Mac is as great as their parents said, to the casual music fans whose record collection can be counted on one hand, Fleetwood Mac’s reach was as wide as that of any artist you could possibly name. But that sheer ubiquity wouldn’t have happened without McVie.


In addition to “Don’t Stop,” McVie wrote, well, half of the songs on Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits, and had more singles credited solely to her than any other member of the band. This includes the 1987 hit “Everywhere,” a luscious ball of harmonies that always seems to pop out of nowhere and that is currently soundtracking a commercial for Chevrolet’s electric vehicles. She also wrote “You Make Loving Fun,” a song whose backstory is endlessly mythologized. McVie’s expert deployment of electric piano, organ, and clavinet still sounds futuristic, while also nailing the classy yet groovy spirits of the ’70s.


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I was sad to read this too, though the shock was perhaps that of all the members, it was her who had passed, rather than a shock of someone from Fleetwood Mac passing!

I'm another for whom her tracks were never my favourites, but without her (notable and sizable) contributions to the FM back catalogue, I suspect that many of us, myself included, may never have heard of them in the first place.



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Similar to you @spanx, the Mac in all their forms wove their way through my childhood and beyond. Always on the stereo, whether at home or in the car. My parents even called their house ‘Fleetwood’, and before they got divorced they went to see them numerous times from the Peter Green days through their 70s/80s heyday. ‘Songbird’ played at my father’s funeral too.

Although not a terrible shock as such, it’s extremely sad.

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