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How broad is your love


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I don't play any online games at all, it just doesn't interest me. I like local multiplayer games though.


Generally there's at least one game from each genre I enjoy but my favourite games are single player adventure games, Metroidvanias, 'clear the map' style open world games, 16bit shmups (that's the sweet spot for me - not too much bullet hell but still plenty of speed and variety) 2d action games (like Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden or Strider) and 2d classic platformers. 


I tend to get fed up with RPGs before I reach the end and I won't touch any 'anime little girl' type stuff. I once picked up Xenoblade Chronicles for the WiiU and gave up very soon after a giggly, infantilised (but stil sexualised) female character was introduced. 

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I enjoy pretty much most types of games, but I've never clicked with 2D fighters at all. I'm awful at them, and despite many attempts to get into one I just can't. Tekken, Soul Calibur etc I am alright with, but Street Fighter. King of Fighters, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure etc aren't my bowl of pudding.


That said, I can really appreciate the depths of understanding many have for them and I find watching two skilled players fighting it out good fun. 

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I realised a while back that I basically really love third person 3D games much more than any other type - which is obviously quite narrow-minded in one way but not too bad because it means I am up for basically any type of sub-genre within that perspective, from platformers to brawlers to adventures to RPGs to out and out shooters. 

Conversely I’ve also realised I don’t actually like 2D games, with a few notable exceptions. I thought that might make me some kind of gaming heretic but when I look back on my childhood I only ever really remember being fond of my Megadrive - actual love of games only came in with the N64 and the PlayStation. I find certain aspects of interaction with 2D games to be kind of intrinsically unfun, which means I quickly lose interest even when I can see the underlying design is great.


Two good examples of this would be Super Metroid and Hollow Knight. Both beautiful, both atmospheric, both clever and amazingly constructed. Unfortunately they both contain a lot of combat, and I find 2D combat to be unfailingly horrible. Plus the entire time I was playing them I was thinking that this was all very well and good, but really Metroid Prime and Dark Souls are the ‘proper’ version of these games. Like I say, heresy!

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