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Ewbanks huge Retro auction - Friday 18th weekend

Hello Goaty ♥

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Thanks for this!


As a gamer and an avid watcher of bargain hunt this was a pretty intense watch.


Super interesting to see the pace of the auctions, literally like 30s and there’s one down. I actually live bid of a few too was great fun but was outbid.


It was soooooooo easy to bid. One touch of the button and your bid is there. No entering prices, waiting for auctions to finish etc. it’s just press, bid, press, bid, done. Looking at the prices that some stuff went for, I think some people got caught up in the moment for sure! (JPN Mario 64 with guide - £75!)


I’m wondering how common gaming auctions like this are. 

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10 hours ago, Hello Goaty ♥ said:

I'm sure  most of you are aware that when you win an auction from those places, a few final charges go on top!


So say a console went for 100 pounds,  the price including fees could top 200 quid.


all good fun though!

Oh wow, that’s more than I thought.


Just looking at the Ewbanks sites you’re probably looking at paying 35% on top of your purchase price. So the person who bought Mario for £75 is gonna be paying another £25 on top, that’s £100! 

I’m REALLY surprised that with a commission so high, people bid to the prices they do. I wonder how strict they get with people bailing on paying.

It actually adds a whole new curve ball to the price of items. If someone sells something at an auction for £100 then it’s actually worth a decent chunk more than £100 if you were trying to sell the same item privately.

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On 24/11/2022 at 03:50, Skykid said:

I was surprised to see journo review discs considered worth having [link]. A bit discounted from the retail packaged versions by the looks of it... but not by much. I expect a few olden days reviewers are sitting on a pile of these they got for free! 😁

Nah, they’re pretty uncomfortable, especially as they came in very slender jewel cases. 

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