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Megadrive/Genesis Games


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Morning gang,

Back in the day, my brother had a Megadrive, whilst I was plonking away on my Amiga 1200.

Since getting my Xbox modded last year I've got quite into Megadrive games, and have installed a few of the ROMs to the Xbox hard drive.

My favourties are:

Revenge of Shinobi


Shinobi 3 (I think it's 3)

Gunstar Heroes

Dynamite Headdy

Suxper Fantasy Zone

Would some kind people be able to remcommend a few more titles that you think I should track down?

I'm a bit of a sucker for platformers, but love pretty much anything (apart from sports titles).

Many thanks!


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these are the games I would look for:

all MD

Revenge Of Shinobi

Streets Of Rage 2

Streets Of Rage 3

Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition

Mortal Kombat 3


Bonanza Brothers,

Golden Axe 2

Road Rash



Thunderforce 4



Sensible Soccer

PGA Tour Golf 2


Shining Force 1+2

Toejam & Earl 1+2

Devil Crash MD

Story of Thor

Speedball 2

Puyo Puyo 1/2

Tiny Toon Adventures

Earthworm Jim 1+2

X-Men 2

Mickey Mania

Batman + Robin

Sonic 3D Blast

Vectorman 1+2

Red Zone


Contra 4

Street Racer

WJ series Sonic 2

Marble Madness

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I'm a bit of a sucker for platformers, but love pretty much anything (apart from sports titles).

Im a sucker for them too, therefore:

Rocket Knight Adventures

You will love it. Platformer by Konami by the treasure lot.

Go, Go get it now. Easily a top ten game for me.

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Golden Axe 2 - I used to play it a lot as a kid and loved it, but I went back to GA1 last month and it was god awful, so I dunno if the sequal is the same.

These are the games I've played recently that still play well now (In my opinion)

Bonanza Bros.


Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. (Utterly fantastic)

Streets of Rage 1+2

Road Rash

Alien Storm


Revenge of Shinobi

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My personal fave megadrive games.

Sonic 2 (great classic sonic action)

Streets of Rage 2 (best scroller fighter imo)

Tiny Toons Busters Hidden Treasure (awesome game..)

Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion (also great if short)

Rocket Knight adventures (konami were great at platform games)

Flash Back (great game for its time. Bit clumsy though at times)

and nohsa, Street Racer was crap on the megadrive.. the snes version was a hell of a lot better (mainly due to mode 7 and 4 player)

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I thought Street Racer was crap on all versions and with god awful characters too. :blink:

It didnt have the charms on Mario Kart, but it was actually quite good. Some of the tracks were good, and it was a good laugh in 4 player mode (if not for the tiny screen).

I did later get the MD version, but it seems a bit unplayable due to the game not using mode7.

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