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Gears of War rights acquired by Netflix


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if they play it like Gears of War 1,2,3  then it could be good. Big dumb budget Cannon 80s/90s action style film , think Starship Troopers without the intelligence or social commentary :D


I absolutely love Gears of War (1,2,3) for its absurd OTT nonsense (being inside the giant worm was amazing), it is doubly hilarious when you realise that the the guys guiding the story thought is was a serious thought provoking piece :D


4 and 5 aren't quite as fun as they scaled back some of the nonsense and tried for a more serious tone. Kait Diaz is fun though.

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4 minutes ago, JPL said:

I hope they spend a good few episodes explaining why those toilet cubicles are so big.


You've seen the size of those Gears soldiers - they're fucking massive. Pissing all over the place - need a whole load of urinals to stem the golden flow.

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1 hour ago, Stigweard said:


It was a promo video for when you could download him for the game. You could chose the have the Batista skin when for Marcus.


Ha, either way, it's impossible not to see him in the role. I hope this doesn't go the way of Nathan Drake and Nathan Fillion.

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