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World Cup Qatar 2022 - Desert Strike


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1 minute ago, Gabe said:

It's like the foreshortening of the cameras you see in cricket which makes it look like tight slip catches have hit the ground when they haven't.


Do Japan get the runner-up in Portugal's group in the round of 16?

Japan v croatia; Spain v Morocco 

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1 minute ago, Superfamifreak said:

Given the way Croatia have played so far, I can see Japan causing another 'upset'.

Quite possibly. Like Germany and Belgium, they have a number of players for whom this is probably their last outing (well, let's face it, Modric will be the only real loss for them). Spain will also say goodbye to a number of players after this tournament you would expect, too. A real changing of the guard in European football, perhaps?

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Apparently only 2 games in the World Cup since detailed records have been kept (1966) have been won by a team conceding over 700 passes to their opponents, Japan v Germany and Japan v Spain this time. 


Not sure Japan got much of a reward from winning the group getting a days less rest and Croatia instead of Morocco in the next round, Spanish not done too bad out of that. Though the loss to Costa Rica implies Japan may prefer being the big underdogs in a game so Croatia may suit them better.


Poor Germany, going home in groups for second time running and this time as the top creators of xG in the whole tournament, even Timo Werner may have scored a goal or two if fit. 

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