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World Cup Qatar 2022 - Desert Strike


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5 hours ago, Gigawatt said:

I always feel a strange sense of loss when the period of 3-4 games a day comes to an end.  I know why they have the final group games on at the same time but I still would prefer to be able to watch them all.  And then the first day when there are no games is a massive shock to the system. Bring on 48 teams!

This has never been a problem in the 2000s - either utilise a TV (or box) with Picture-In-Picture, or use a mobile or tablet at the same time as a TV.  I've been doing this for all the major International football tournaments since I think 2010.

Before the 2000s, multiple TVs, or even watching it on one TV (with the sound down, cos big mouth commentators will ruin the scores of the other game) while recording the other on VCR (and watching it back immediately after the first game).


5 hours ago, Boothjan said:

48 teams will not be a good thing for the tournament - there will be too many shit teams qualifying which will massively dilute the quality of the finals, and having 3 team groups is a stupid idea.  We're going to get plenty of Austria v West Germany situations.  32 teams with 4 teams in a group is the best setup.


I also want it back in the summer because it's just not felt right this time, and not just because of the unsuitable setting.  The build up was wrong, and having BBQs, spilling out into packed beer gardens etc is one of the things I look forward to most about the tournament.


Agreed.  48 is too much, and means you have to have weird hacky ways of guaranteeing the next round of knockouts is 16 or 32 (in this case, 3 group teams).  It's almost as bad as UEFA increasing the European Championships as well, which definitely shouldn't happen considering there's only 50+ nations affiliated to UEFA.  It's now so big that it can't be hosted by just one nation any more (although I'm sure the bigger nations such as England, France, Germany, even the US could but it'd be insanely expensive).

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few leaks claiming 4 changes for England later, Walker Henderson Foden & Rashford in for Tripper Mount Saka & Sterling. Rotation as much as anything, not dropping them.


Kane would be the concern for me, sometimes a manager needs to tell a player to take a seat and not listen to them hobbling round saying 'I'm fine'

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ITV putting Netherlands walkover of Qatar on the main channel and relegating Ecuador Senegal to ITV4 has the same energy of them inevitably picking Man United as their live FA Cup game in January. All square now, Senegal showing why teams don’t have someone on the post at corners.

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15 minutes ago, dino_jr said:

Wales have to win 4-0 correct? Seems unlikely TBH.

The Iran - USA matters more so I'm watching that :sherlock:

Any Wales win will do if the other game is a draw, but they need 4-0 or more if either USA or Iran win.


Bale, Ramsey AND Allen are all starting so it’s proper old guards last hurrah. He should have played Gunter and Williams as well.

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Morning paper headline predictions


Wales Win


Baled out!

Last minute Gareth Bale free kick beats England 2-1!


England Win


Baled OUT!

Bale sees red in last ever international game as Wales crash out with a whimper.


Bonus/all outcomes editorial 


Why no Maddison/Rooney/Linekar etc


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