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World Cup Qatar 2022 - Desert Strike


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Great win for Japan, but I don't know why Matterface was trying to make out it was a bigger shock than Saudi Arabia's win.


Also made me chuckle when he said "ITV - always great drama" considering they've shown all three 0-0s so far. He's such a tool. 

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1 hour ago, carlospie said:

Roy Keane is right. Harry kane should walk out of the next game with a yellow card, who gives a fuck.


No way FIFA are gonna yellow card every single captain, every game.


Leadership is about taking action, not hiding like a coward. 

This is what I said the very moment it was known that The FA had folded (on Monday).

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21 minutes ago, Art Vandelay said:

The way they're banging on is ridiculous. An upset yeah, but a decent Japanese outfit beating an indifferent Germany isn't really a shock. Just shows how little actual knowledge some of these pundits have outside of the small bubble of Premier League football.


Too right.


Japan are decent - and they proved that, particularly in the 2nd half.  They've never really clicked during previous World Cups despite having decent squads.  Germany's squad is light years behind where they were 8 years ago.


Whereas Argentina are rightly seen as proper contenders with strength all over the pitch and the world's best player as their talisman, and were up against a Saudi Arabia side who have up until now looked like rank amateurs compared to other sides in every World Cup they've qualified for.


Both Japan and Saudi Arabia deserved to win, but the latter is a MUCH bigger shock.

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