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Sega's Sacred Pools, erotic FMV game


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Here is The Sacred Pools, an unreleased FMV game by Sega planned for release in 1997. The game was a new arrival to the FMV market that was pushed as an “erotic thriller” for older audiences. With a reported budget of 2-3 million dollars, Sega’s new division SegaSoft aimed to expand the experiences available on Saturn, PC, Macintosh, and PSX(!). Although Sacred Pools made a legendary debut at E3 1996, the press panned the game for its quality and it was quietly pushed aside to never be heard from again.


For years, all we knew about Sacred Pools came from a few surviving blurbs in gaming magazines. Rumours of a prototype have circulated on the internet, but no photos or files ever appeared. In May of 2022, Gaming Alexandria was informed by Joe Cain, avid game collector and former game tester at Sega of America, that an old colleague had several CD-ROMs of Sacred Pools in their possession.


Free download 



The history:





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I burned the first of the three discs and it worked fine on a mechapwned PS2.


I was just trying to feel it out, everything seems to be done via the d-pad and the X button. I kept bumping into ugly dudes that took away portions of my health bar. Then I went into a new room and it asked me to insert disc 3, so I had to stop.


That ‘please insert’ message was as erotic as it got.


I will play more on another day after I burn the remaining discs. It felt a bit like walking around on the set of Red Dwarf.

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