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Edge #378


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Agree with A Plague Tale: Requiem being a 6. Its a lovely looking game but just feels a bit repetitive - currently 5 chapters in and the game bit is just getting to be a chore. Enjoying the story and want to progress that but well the rest is a bit mediocre.

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14 minutes ago, Fry Crayola said:


I'm well out of the loop, I admit, but when did Blanka get a surname?


It was meant to say "Blanka Kong" because of his ape-like appearance, but I was typing on my phone and autocorrect rescued me from my own joke.

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40 minutes ago, Lying Cat said:

I used to be able to say that I never get rankled by review scores, but I can't any more because Vampire Survivors should have got at least double what it did.


I'm guessing they just marked it down because, unlike Overwatch 2, it's had a huge amount of love and care put into it, but also unlike Overwatch 2 it's also dangerously addictive and they're just thinking of the children.

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55 minutes ago, Rex Grossman said:

The use of this particular character and colour scheme (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62887765) on the cover is of course a thinly veiled show of support for Jair Bolsonaro, a politician the Edge staff have always admired. 

Bolsonaro himself is still a big Mega Drive fan and used his connections at Tec Toy to import Edge when it was still very new. It’s a relationship that has gone on for some time and Edge has at times commissioned Bolsonaro to write reviews, most notably Mario Kart Double Dash and GTA 3. Those controversial scores meant his dream of getting on the masthead were over but he still kept his hand in by ghostwriting columns when the columnist’s copy was below par.


The current Edge editorial staff rave about him on Slack but knew it would be divisive to make their support overt in recent months so this was the compromise they settled on. Of course they assumed this cover would be celebrating a victory.


Next month: Aleksandr Lukashenko on the Wonderswan’s hidden gems for Retro Gamer.


That is some almost The Bugle level bullshit!!


I love it!!! 

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