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Apotris - Amazing Gameboy advance Tetris


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I posted this elsewhere, but I think the game warrants a dedicated thread because it's a really good version of Tetris with lots of features.  The developer also deserves some love and money!


It's available for pay what you want over at Itch.io





A block stacking puzzle game for the Gameboy Advance, with focus on delivering responsive gameplay and satisfying visuals. It follows guideline rules, so all spins, kicks and setups should work as expected.





Support discord here, where the author is taking feedback on improvements and features.




Game modes

  • Marathon
  • Sprint
  • Dig
  • Ultra
  • Blitz
  • Combo
  • Survival
  • Classic
  • 2P battle
  • Training


Not tried all these but this plays a brilliant game of Tetris and most of the modes I have played are excellent. I'm pretty hooked playing this on my Anbernic RG351V and Miyoo Mini.




and a video:



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This went straight on my MiSTer and 351P. It's a very good Tetris with the emphasis on accurate gameplay that I'm sure would appeal to proper Tetris players who know what a T-spin is etc (I don't). 


Dig - pushes lines up from the bottom. 

Combo - very quick mode where you have to try and clear as many consecutive lines as possible. 

Sprint - it's 40 Lines but you can set the number of lines, would like more choices.

Training - drops blocks with no time limit, it has a Finesse setting that, from what I can gather, tries to get you to use less button presses or stop you continually rotating pieces. 


The itch.io page needs descriptions for the modes really. 


It also has one of my very, very old Amiga mod files in there (kb-zip) which I made getting on for 30 years ago. It's all good though as they give full credit and a link to the source. Might do them a new tune maybe. 

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