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Premier League Last Man Standing / Killer

disperse and recoagulate

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Anyone fancy a game of this? £10 entry. I’ll host.


You start with 3 lives.
- You pick a team every week and if they lose or draw, you lose a life.
- If someone fails to pick in time they get they highest league positioned team they have yet to pick by default.
- You can only pick a team once.
- If you've chosen all 20 teams (ie played 20 rounds and still have lives) your teams reset.
- Will be limited to Premier League fixtures every week.
- £10 entry
- Last man standing takes all the money.
- If we all reach 0 before there is a last man standing, nobody wins and there is a rollover.
- In the event of a rollover, everyone must pay the entry fee again and it gets added to the pot.
- In the event of a rollover, newcomers may join. However, people cannot join once a game has progressed beyond round 1.


Pay £10 to join. Here are my payment details:

Week 1
Nottm Forest vs. Liverpool
Everton vs. Crystal Palace
Man City vs. Brighton
Chelsea vs. Man Utd
Aston Villa vs. Brentford
Leeds vs. Fulham 
Southampton vs. Arsenal
Wolves vs. Leicester
Tottenham vs. Newcastle
West Ham vs. Bournemouth

Post your selection below, don't bother PMing. Deadline is 12pm on Saturday 22nd October.


If we don't get 10 players I’ll sack it off and refund you.

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