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Emulation on Steam Deck


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Just now, simms said:

I’m sure I read somewhere that the multi disk trick above only works with ps1 games not sure if that’s true?


I think I had it work on another system, but can't remember which or when 

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I noticed a certain website for Punks that tend to frequent the odd Arcade has two downloadable Batocera images for the Steam Deck - one a general one, one for light gun games. I gave them both a go and have to say... I'd stick with Emudeck on SteamOS if you're planning on using your Steam Deck for retro - especially if you want Gamecube/PS2 era gaming. Combined with the PowerTools plugin via Decky Loader, you'll find the whole thing vastly more configurable and you'll get much better performance out of your games.


I was a bit disappointed with the whole Batocera experience, to be honest. That same website has a version of CoinOps Legends 3 though that you can install in SteamOS, so if you really want some pre-packaged emulators and ROMs, I'd just download that instead.

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One thing i have always had an issue with is mame. 


I have emudeck set up and there is like 5 different mame folders. Im not sure which mame roms to download or which romset. I load up all the emulating through Emulation Station so was looking for a foolproof method.


I do use FBN but some of the roms i have wont load so would like some advice on mame. 

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Nice video, shows how to get Excite Truck motion controls mapped up to the deck controls (steering and pitch on stick not motion) and custom graphics setup


I didn’t know this was possible so will be having a go as looks quite simple if you’re methodical and follow his clear steps



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