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Buying things and forgetting about them.


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I've just had an email from Strictly Limited Games to say my Megadrive copy of Panorama Cotton has been dispatched.
That's fine, but I have absolutely no memory of ordering it and didn't even know it had been released (or had forgotten about it).


On Saturday, my friend was saying how I'd given him a cart-only copy of Rocket Knight Adventures a coupel of years ago. I have no memory of ever owning a cart only copy. I've had my complete copy for years and rarely buy anything cart-only, so I've no idea where it came from.


Does everyone have these memory holes when it comes to their collection? I generally have a really good memory and I don't even drink heavily these days!

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  • JamesC changed the title to Buying things and forgetting about them.

I've usually got a very good memory for this stuff, but I've slipped up a couple of times.


I've got two copies of Batman Forever on the Saturn, a game this is both quite expensive and quite shit. 


When sorting my Saturn collection out I found a copy of Dragon Force which I forgot I had, that was a nice treat as it was worth around £100 when it happened. 


I can't for the life of me remember where my original first print copy of Skyrim (with the fabric map rather than paper map) on the 360 ended up. I assume I lent it to someone, but I have no idea who or when.

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Yes!  I do this as I don't really actively expand my retro collection and a lot of it is boxed away.  


I seem to have Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii twice for example, duplicates of some Prof. Layton games, and Trauma Centre: New Blood for Wii.

Perhaps I can retire on my 3 copies of Pocket Tennis for NGPC  😅


I use the Gameye app now to record what I have to try to avoid those moments when you see something on sale that you want and just buy it, only to realise months later you've already got it, though it took ages to get my collection added in the app, and.. we'll I'm still not actually finished as I can't be bothered making my way to my Gamecube collection, or into the attic for some others, or indeed, picking out the cart only SNES and Gameboy games from my 2 boxes of carts (I logged the boxed ones from their empty boxes stored elsewhere).  Nice problem to have I guess.



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No. I keep mental tabs on everything and I’m a massive pothead.


l sometimes struggle remembering what I still have and what I may have given away due to my small collection from 2010-2016 still being kept in my wife’s wardrobe back in Malaysia. That’s about as difficult as it gets.

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I actually had the opposite happen recently…


I buy from a guy on my FB and recently bought something. 

Now I swear in my head I remember it arriving, looking at it, and then putting it in the new arrivals pile. However I went to get it the other and I couldn’t find it. I searched a lot and it was no where to be found and I’m now questioning if the thing actually turned up at all.

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