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Trombone Champ (yes, it's exactly what you think)


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30 minutes ago, Parappa said:

Almost the sequel we always wanted 😃



One of my very favourite games. It's magnificient. It and Gradius V are the reasons I will never part with my PS2.


Also, that video in the first post had me in stitches. Can't remember another game trailer that did that. 

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1 hour ago, robdood said:

Is it mouse to control the 'dot'?  I can't fathom how it works if not! 


PS 10/10 looks incredible. 


Correct! Mouse to move the pointer, and then click the mouse (or press any button on the keyboard) to doot. I think the Devs recommend using the keyboard for dooting to reduce strain.


As I mentioned in the Steam Deck thread, you can translate the mouse movement to either the trackpads, or the gyro with community profiles.


EDIT: I don't think this is mentioned yet, but I believe the plan is that they'll release more tunes, apparently completely free.


Now that I've played it, I think it's a bit of a misstep. I'd pay a high price for a licensed 90s ska pack.


Or DJ Timmy Trumpet's "Freaks" just for the meme that included it in the first place.

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This is a lot of fun, quite tricky on harder leveks but feels very limited. I hope they or the community release more tracks.


It's much easier with a mouse than the SteamDeck track pad, although it's a lot easier to focus on incoming notes on the smaller SD screen.

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