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What’s your favourite retro game intro (no CGI)


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The MUSHA intro is pretty great:




And the Red Zone intro is really technically impressive:



I can't believe no one's said Zero Wing yet:




Another favourite is Rolling Thunder 2 - Mainly because of the music:





I'll stop now!

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Despite being massively spoilery, I liked the Chrono Trigger intro when I did my first "proper" playthrough last year. It was like a trailer before internet streaming existed. :P 


Whilst the Mega Drive probably wasn't the best way to experience Syndicate, I did like the moody and cinematic feel to that intro:



Also the Last Ninja 3 intro was pretty neat at the time, even though it's just Armakuni going off to shuriken someone in the head:



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6 minutes ago, Unofficial Who said:

Liberation:Captive 2 (CD32)


Not FMV (if you play it with extra fast ram the animation outpaces the CD sound) so I think it counts.




Neil Morrissey did a voice?


I think Tony Crowther was a very interesting gamemaker.

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Easy for me: the 3DO version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The remixed music has a haunting tone to it, and (as with any version of this intro) it's awesome when the lightning flashes and Akuma comes into view like an absolute boss (just don't ask what that weird tongue flick that Cammy does is all about!!!)



I also really like the DOS CD-DA version because they really went extra on the heavy thunder/lightning sounds and Ryu's fireball sounds like a warp drive charging up:



Finally, a bit newer (but still no FMV!), the Marvel Superheroes Vs Street Fighter intro is just pure hype with the building music and completely out-of-control announcer that sounds like he's having the time of his life!



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