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Reaper be damned!


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This is a little bit of a humblebrag thread but I want to encourage others to celebrate the defiance of time!

I have been dabbling with emulation again recently up to the PS2/GameCube generation and this led me to fire up Gitaroo Man for the first time in 15-20 years.

Way back during a Uni course the lovely @beakbeak introduced me to this little gem (amongst other superb morsels like Gradius V and Third strike). I was very taken with Gitaroo Man though and after much sweat and repetition added it to my completed games list (only on normal I should add!).

Today after much gnashing of teeth I finally offed the last 3 tracks and felt a real sense of triumph that my now crooked fingers could still just about achieve this feat! Anyone else gone back to something challenging and found it's still within their reach?

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Congrats! I think I can barely scrape through the PSP game on easy mode, so props to you. :D 


8 hours ago, Ran said:

Anyone else gone back to something challenging and found it's still within their reach?

Most recently, I went back to Final Fantasy III (not VI) because I had memories of getting to the Crystal Tower on the DS game and giving up at some back-to-back boss gauntlet or something. (Yes, I could grind, but every boss up to that point was beaten after a tedious grind and, well, life’s too short.) So this was probably sometime in the late 00s and it haunted me for over a decade… but I played the PSP game this year and finished it. I had the luxury of emulation’s turbo mode this time so the battle animations weren’t as long, but I wasn’t using save states or cheat tools or anything else - I was mainly emulating so that I could grab some videos. Battle prep could still be grindy but nothing was insurmountable, and a sensible job selection at the start helps a lot.

Not as impressive as a “real time” challenge like Gitaroo, but still a personal bit of closure for me.

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Oh, Gitaroo Man! Loved it, shite at it. Only now I'm in my 40s and have lost all dignity and self-respect can I confess that I had to cheat to even beat that shark level (you can flip the Slim's disc cover open and let the timer run out which counts as a win IIRC!) and can't remember ever getting beyond the bee. I'd be scared to try it at all now.


I did legitimately beat everything on the SNES Classic when it came out though so I think that qualifies here. Super Punch-Out! being the main one I could never do at the time - I always fell to either Nick or Rick Bruiser, can't mind which one. And related, I'm seriously considering starting FF7 on Switch today which I have never beaten and gave up on in 1999 at what must have been the very end when a Tonberry kept wrecking me in a cave on Disc 3. It was my first real JRPG after Mystic Quest and I'm sure in retrospect I had no idea what I was doing, it's probably piss easy.

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2 hours ago, beakbeak said:

You went and did it, you crazy old bastard! 

also, you’re not even that old dude. Are you even 40? 

42 bud! Just numbers at the end of the day but it is surprising how much dexterity is already gone!

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