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xx-Games-In-1 Joysticks...


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[pedant] the activision one includes atlantis which was by imagic[/pedant]

Activision bought out the Imagic back catalogue in 1986/87 I believe thats why you get latter day releases by both companies using the same labels.

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First Atari...

Then Namco...

Now Activision...

And soon Capcom...

Getting popular methinks.

Even though these are not entirely accurate emulations, I am strangely tempted to start collecting them. Don't ask me why!


The ativision one looks like it's just a remodel of the one they did a couple of years ago that was in the shape of a pad. That was very nice indeed.

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I think these are great products and are a sterling way of preserving the past for your average guy on the street. I've got the Atari one and really like it.

Yes, for your average guy on the street these are excellent.

For those of us wishing to play the games in their original form these are just crap.

I'm sorry, but these devices don't get me excited at all. The games are always conversions and thus don't play properly and don't sound right either.

If you're only a casual retro gamer, these are fine. For those of you after a chance to play the real thing, these are awful.

The guys over on the Retro Gaming Radio forums constantly give these contraptions a slating, and I think they're entitled to.

My advice - avoid!


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