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Midnight Fight Express (PC/PS/XB/NSW)


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Just noticed this is out on Steam now, so I'm guessing it's everywhere else as well now. It should also be on Gamepass.


This game was an absolute stand-out during Next Fest this year - airtight top-down brawling with a great aesthetic.


I've just finished downloading the full thing, can't wait to clobber everyone like it's Crank.

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I was made aware of this and its availability on Game Pass last night and downloaded it immediately. Didn't have time for more than a handful of levels but so far it seems like a solid game. 
My friend who gave me the heads up about this never got to play it, it seems there's an issue for some players (at least on Xbox) where the game will freeze on the first loading screen. Deleting the game and installing again doesn't help, nor does playing from the Cloud. 

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