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Branagh IS Boris


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Well, if anything's going to get me to start building a guillotine and dragging people who have one head too many to the town square, the lionization of Boris Fucking Johnson would do it, so maybe the series will be a good thing?

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13 hours ago, chris on the moon said:

The actors look like fairly decent resemblences.

But it looks like they're not presenting the events from my point of view (that these people are scum-of-the-earth, pig-fucking pieces of shit).



Yeah, fuck them trying to show the family man and stressful side of things. Drag the cunt.

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9 hours ago, SaintAnselm said:

Maybe there is an alternative ending to the show where Boris dies of Covid, and the whole country has one big massive street party.

Boris Johnson and the Multiverse of Madness, in which Nadine Dorries snaps and goes on a killing spree. I’d watch it. 

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