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George Cropper has a video out


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8 hours ago, Bluejam said:


So basically they get this guy called Pete Higginson to write their scripts for them? I’m really surprised for something that’s not that “professional” for youtube standards deserves a script writer. Kind of sad, really.


Also explains why the games in the background literally do look like a load of job lot bundles off eBay with no real thought into them. I mean, nobody proudly displays Casino Games or World Cup Italia 90 for the Master System or Home Alone for the Megadrive on their shelf, do they? I mean, it’s almost as bad as having ATARI JAGUAR games in display.

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I don't think he's just an utter charlatan to the point that he would fake a video game collection just to look like he has some knowledge of the subject. I mean, anyone who was trying to build an extensive collection of games would inevitably have World Cup Italia 90 and Home Alone in there somewhere. 


To be honest I didn't mind him until I saw this video , I always found his stuff mildly entertaining. But I didn't realise how widely renowned he was for ripping off other people's footage and not crediting them. 

George Cropper is clearly a guy whose been dealt a pretty harsh hand by life and it's left him very bitter and twisted. His videos (this one, and the one he made about Octavius Kitten - the only output of his I've really watched) are shot through with misogyny, ableism and sociopathy. That makes him a cunt but it doesn't necessarily make him wrong, in this case, I guess. 


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The letter seemed 100% normal and reasonable. 

There was no personal info on the video, aside from the public email of top hat (registered with what I assume is the brand managers company).


the company is searchable on companies house with all its associated data that has to be made public 

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2 hours ago, ulala said:

What a poxy tin pot company ran out of their parents bedroom - making nothing 


“brand manager” indeed 


A lot of first time business starters make the mistake of using their home address when they first set up. The problem is that even when they professionalise their business the early documents still feature their home addresses. Having done a lot of family research over the years, you find out that a lot of things you would hope to be secret are freely available in the public domain and are not only legal to access but, in these capitalist times, almost everything is available for a price.


THGM may publicise his brand managers as a barrier between his business and his home life but like most Brits, where we live can often be found on electoral rolls. That is unless you've opted out of the public rolls for as long as you've been at your current address.

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1 hour ago, ulala said:


brand manager

script writer


it’s a lot of employees 


It's quite a grift. I had become accustomed to watching the lady decade stuff, it tapped into that yearning for vapour (hard)ware thing that I think all retrogamers suffer from. Meh!

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