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The BarGabe Bucket - A maniac rambles to justify your new PC with £20 worth of videogames


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57 minutes ago, Ry said:

Vampire Survivors ain't on Xbox btw. 


Ah, fair enough - when I read 'Early Access' in the Game Pass blurb, I thought it was for both XBox and PC.


In that case, if anyone is allergic to Anime, you can happily switch Save Room for VS, and HoloCure and Helltaker for FAITH and rRootage.


Half the reason I wanted to shout about so many games - there's something for everyone. And I'm hoping to hear more from others!

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For less than £5 each you can get the Sudoku games from the guys behind 'Cracking the Cryptic' - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1613680/Arrow_Sudoku/

Only a couple are verified, but they all work. 


PullFrog is a cool little twist on Tetris for $2 on Itch: https://afk-mario.itch.io/pullfrog


Pushamo is a wonderful puzzle game on Itch for $4.99: https://gamedevbrook.itch.io/pushamo


Basket Belle is a very cool platformer with a narrative for £3.99: https://store.steampowered.com/app/329690/BasketBelle/


Milkmaid of the Milkyway is a lovely point and click, that takes a couple of hours to play and just $4.99: https://machineboy.itch.io/milkmaid-of-the-milky-way


Just a few off the top of my head. 




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Fun fact: I put my money where my mouth is, and bought Save Room because of my own fucking post.


It's really good! Completed all 40 puzzles in about two hours, and had a great time doing it - didn't want to stop after starting it this morning. The controller support is a little buggy on deck, but I futzed with the mouse via the Deck's shortcut and it seemed to snap things back into place - it's either that, or going full KBM with the set SteamOS template. In all, not bad at all for something completely unknown.


I'm considering adding an addendum for some of the game types I immediately ruled out - Fangames that are intended to be the same thing as the franchise its copying and not be awful, and games with less egregious F2P models. There are a couple (honest!), but I'll want to get a couple more examples first.


Basket Belle looks great, @bradigor, and I'll have to log into my itch account to grab Pushamo as it was part of a bundle.


I should mention to anyone worried about chipping in - if a game does not use anti-cheat, it probably works fine on anything because of Proton, so do go ahead and sound off about anything that is good and free (or cheap without a discount)!


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Well, shit, you learn something new every day!


One of the most popular games that existed on the 360 Live Arcade, I Made A Game With Zombies In It (I'm not doing the actual naming convention for it, CBA), is 100% free on Steam. It used to be $1, so you can call it a 100% discount, really.




EDIT: actually, don't consider it a discount, it wouldn't make the list fuuuuucccckkkkk 

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9 minutes ago, Siri said:

Well, shit, you learn something new every day!


One of the most popular games that existed on the 360 Live Arcade, I Made A Game With Zombies In It (I'm not doing the actual naming convention for it, CBA), is 100% free on Steam. It used to be $1, so you can call it a 100% discount, really.




EDIT: actually, don't consider it a discount, it wouldn't make the list fuuuuucccckkkkk 


WHAT?!?! How did I not know this?




OH FUCK THAT SOUNDTRACK!!! I completely forgot how awesome it is. 

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I've had a go at the challenge, it was very hard trying to find games that have not been released on consoles as well but I think this list works. I haven't got a Steam Deck but most of them have a playable or verified deck rating on Steam so I think it is good. With that, the list:


Don't Make Love, Super Auto Pets, Watch Me Jump, You Have to Win the Game, Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt for free picks (£0).
Shatter  (£1.69), Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (£2.09), Why Am I Dead At Sea (£3.99), Reventure (£4.99) and Deathstate: Abyssal Edition (£6.99)


More information on the free game in this section:


Don't Make Love




This game concerns two Praying Mantises who are in love and are discussing consummating their relationship - of course this does mean that at the end the female will kill the other which makes it a much harder decision. This is a narrative based game where you choose lines of dialogue/how to react to move the story forward, so it is very much a visual story but it is an interesting spin and well written.


Super Auto Pets 




One of the genres that has really come into its own over the last few years is the Auto-battler and there are now a host of options to choose from. The basic premise in most of these games is that you get a limited amount of currency before each round to buy units and upgrades with in a time limit before two teams are matched together and the AI plays out the ensuing battle based on your choices. I've gone for Super Auto Pets as it is pretty easy to pick up and play without much prior knowledge needed before hand, the systems themselves are very straight forward but there is depth in the kind of builds you can make within whatever pool of animals are currently in the rotation. There is a paid expansion you can get that give you more options but free players can't be matched with anyone owning the expansion so you will always have the same playing field as your opponents.


Watch Me Jump




Another short narrative game, this time about a WNBA player called Audra Bee Mills though Basketball takes a back seat for most of the game.  This is very much one for lovers of visual story games, if they aren't your bag then you are unlikely to get on with the title. The graphics could kindly be described as functional, you get to choose from only two options for each decision and there is minimal other gameplay, but the story is worth playing through and makes up for the other shortcomings. It was apparently adapted from an existing play and it shows in the quality of the writing. This was originally a paid for game (around £2 I think) but has recently gone to free.


You Have to Win the Game




This is a retro love letter to the old platform games like Jet Set Willy, so expect an interconnecting map made up of screens with silly names and optional collectables for the extra challenge. If you like this then the creator made a paid follow up called 'Super You Have to Win the Game' which turns everything up a notch.


Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt




You play the titular Princess Remedy who is being sent down to Hurtland to use their recently acquired healing powers to tend to the sick people of the land. She does this by having a shoot out with the things ailing them. If there was one word to sum the game up it would be 'quirky' and it is will be very clear from the Steam page for the game if it is going to be for you or not. I found it a fun diversion and I enjoyed the short dialogue of people telling you what is wrong with them and then how they have been healed. The healing mechanics are quite fun as well if basic.



More information on the paid for games in this section:


Shatter (£1.69)




I loved Arkanoid and Breakout along with their various clones, there is something satisfying in clearing a room of bricks by bouncing a ball back at them. Shatter takes the basic concept of these games and adds in different axes, moving blocks and powerups alongside a 'suck/blow' mechanic which can be used to hoover up the floating tokens that come out of the smashed blocks as well as affect the blocks on the screen. Really good fun to play and a good game for high score chasing for a measly £1.69, they are apparently releasing a remastered version of the game in a few months so you might want to hold off to see how that is but I think it is worth picking up now at such a low price.


Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (£2.09)




I would imagine most people on this forum will have at least heard of the Oregon Trail game, this takes the loose concept and uses it as an excuse to throw random shooting challenges at you one after the other. Not a game for long play sessions but a fun game to pick up and have a couple of runs on to see what madness you will encounter this time. 


Why Am I Dead at Sea (£3.99)




You start the game by finding out you have been murdered on a ship and now your spirit must find out who you are and why this has happened by using your sprit powers and possessing other people/animals. This is a well written little murder-mystery game with some puzzle solving, there is a fair bit of dialogue reading but it does what it sets out to do well and has probably been a little overlooked.


Reventure (£4.99)




Why have one ending for your game when you can have a hundred? That is the the premise behind Reventure where you must try achieve all of the possible outcomes for the game. There is a lot of fun in learning the map and how different actions affect what you can do to influence the direction to try and end up at the various outcomes. Some of them are very quick, some are much longer, a lot of them involve your dying but once an ending is found you jump straight back into the start of the game to go again. Most of the endings lead to you starting with a new look and ending text and it is compelling to see what new things you can find within each run.


Deathstate: Abyssal Edition (£6.99)




This game describes itself as a one-stick bullet hell shooter and that is a pretty good summation of what you get here. Your character is constantly shooting their weapon and you just have to focus on getting into the best positions to get a good shot off whilst not getting hit. There are several characters, including unlocks, you all play in slightly different ways and pick ups to upgrade your character during the run. It is based on a 'rogue-like' so each run will be different which may put some people off. Personally I'm a big fan of the genre and while it isn't as good as the bigger names in the field, of which nearly all are ineligible to be included in these lists, I think Deathstate does enough to stand out by doing something a little different.





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47 minutes ago, bradigor said:

Shatter is on PS3 but it is so good on Deck it should be allowed.

Yeah, I know that feeling - I think I would have a list of free also-rans as long as my arm if I didn't limit to games that have never appeared on anything else.

That's a great write-up, @keptbybees, thank you for taking the time! Don't Make Love sounds great, and I'm pretty sure I have super wagon adventure somewhere, so I will give them a go!

I will add links to the posts in the 'What about you?' part of the OP, to honor those who have taken part - I don't think anyone else needs to be super strict, and I'll be looking into some stuff that I absolutely banned for myself as straight up addendums.

(this is absolutely an excuse to put Streets of Rage Remake at the top of one list in 2022)

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Sorry, bumping this with only a couple of games, but for a particular cause -


Waves and the Early Access Waves 2, a couple of great Geometry Wars clones that are only on PC, are now free to play.


This is unfortunately because the creator, Rob Hale, passed away due to complications from Cancer. They considered making the game free while undergoing treatment, which their partner has acted upon. The games will likely never be updated, but will be on any storefront for as long as they're around.


So, have a play of it - both games work well on Deck. Then give the people you care about a hug.

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