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Players - Esports mockumentary from the makers of American Vandal (Paramount+)


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Surprised there hasn’t been more chat about Players on Rllmuk. 

Its an Office-style mockumentary about pro gaming, centred around a League of Legends team called Fugitive. But it’s also a pitch perfect parody of sports docs, particularly The Last Dance, with its sliding timescales, and it hits just as hard in the feels by the end of the season; ultimately you really root for these kids. 

It’s from the makers of the sublime American Vandal series and the attention to detail is just as funny and precise here. I just binged the first season and loved it. 


Definitely worth checking out (think it’s on Paramount+) if you can. You don’t need to know anything about LOL or eSports (although I’m sure there are a lot more jokes that will land if you are). 


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19 hours ago, Timmo said:

Why did they remove it from their service? I fucking hate modern streaming and feel no guilt at all pirating. 

Yep - I keep meaning to get a sub of Parnount+ for a bit and binge the stuff I want to see - which 30 seconds ago when I read the original post, would have included this.


But if I can only watch this by pirating - might as well not bother subscribing and pirate anything on there.

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On 20/03/2023 at 10:01, Eighthours said:

I had never even heard of this, but I LOVED American Vandal and thought it was treated very cruelly. Sad that the creators seem to have been shafted yet again.

I didn't even hear about this but I was lucky as I was googling for a TV series. Besides from a few people on Rllmuk no one knows this even existed.

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On 20/03/2023 at 05:23, yakumo said:

This show is seriously good, its criminal that not more people are talking about this.


Creamcheese FTW!!!

Having watched this - It is excellent.

But Creamcheese come on, this show is all about Braxton he has a proper character arc, he develops he solves all the problems.
Braxton FTW. 


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On 24/03/2023 at 05:39, alex3d said:

5 episodes in and I don't find this super funny, but very watchable and enjoyable. High production value too.

Felt the same. It felt more documentary than mockumentary at times.  I didn't love it but it was good enough. I would certainly have watched more had it not been canned.

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