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RLLMUK's Top TV Series from 2000 Results; 77-70


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95. Entourage
Original Release Year - 2004




Entourage follows the story of Vincent Chase, a young movie star, and the group of friends that make up his entourage. Loosely based on executive producer Mark Wahlberg's experiences as an up and coming actor, but minus the hate crimes against black children and racially motivated attempted murder of a Vietnamese man.


If you can look beyond Marky Mark's involvement though you can find a thoroughly enjoyable show with some standout characters; Kevin Dillon basically playing himself as Johnny "Drama" Chase and Jeremy Piven's  Ari Gold. Plus a load of guest roles and cameos that mostly work well. The later seasons dipped in quality somewhat and there was a feautre film released once it was over that I've not actually got around to watching.


With all the sleazy and horrendous stories emerging about Hollywood in recent years I'm not sure how well this would hold up today but could make for an interesting or uncomfortable re-visit. 




94. Dexter
Original Release Year - 2006




This show started off brilliantly and Michael C. Hall was fantastic as the titular Dexter. I never got around to watching the (original) last season and had been put off doing so by what seemed to be a lot of negativity towards the finale. Likewise I've not seen the revival series from 2021 or even heard if it's any good or not. 

There was a lot to like about the show and it was always compelling to watch. Dark and pretty grotesque at times but also had comedic moments and some great characters and cast members. The first 4 seasons are the best, with a particular shout out to Season 4 and the excellence of John Lithgow who is undoubtedly the most disturbing and scary villain to feature.



93. The Blue Planet
Original Release Year - 2001




Summed up perfectly by mishashi:

"The BBC do epic nature documentary series better than anybody else and this is one of their finest efforts."

Focused on the world's oceans this 8 part series seemed to be the first in a new wave (pun originally unintended) of big budget style nature documentary series. Needless to say covering a subject matter that itself covers about 70% of the world required a lot of work, hence taking close to five years to make and nearly 200 filming locations visited. And the resulting images and discoveries from the dedicated film crews were outstanding, all narrated of course by  David Attenborough. A lot of great nature documentaries followed and Blue Planet II eventually arrived in 2017 to universal praise. 


Big water proper scares me though.




92. Forbrydelsen
Original Release Year - 2007




Or "The Killing" if you want its English name.


This wasn't the first foreign drama to be aired in the UK but it did appear to open up the floodgates following its critical success and viewership. Originally airing in 2007 it wasn't until a few years later that this Danish Whodunit Crime Drama hit the UK but it was well worth waiting for.


A tight plot, great performances, twists, captivating cliffhangers, superb pacing, some fantastic knitted jumpers and an actual conclusion to the season-long story-line made series one a massive hit. Two series followed which I've not actually seen but believe were still well received. Then there was the US remake, the first season I did watch and enjoyed right up until the finale which was awful. Maybe they fixed that in the seasons that followed but I didn't stick around to find out. 


91. Chappelle's Show
Original Release Year - 2003




I don't know much about Dave Chappelle, thought he was a fairly recent famous-y person but apparently he's been around for ages, was in The Nutty Professor and Con Air apparently. I had only really seen some of his Netflix special and can't even remember much of that. Only that, as per the norm these days, I recall some bashing of the trans community. 

Chappelle's Show ran from 2003 to 2006 before abruptly ending when he quit during season 3, walking away from a $50m contract with Comedy Central in doing so. 
I've searched out some of the "best bits" on Youtube from the show, and to be honest it's a bit hit and miss. I did find the "Racial Draft" sketch fairly amusing and enjoyed the Wu-Tang cameo - the Wu can improve anything though, and audibly laughed during the "World Series of Dice" sketch. So I think there's probably some decent stuff to be found in there. 


Limmy's Show is much better though. 


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On 20/08/2022 at 12:39, the_debaser said:

Surprised the Chase came so low, there aren’t many better quiz shows made. 


Guess quiz shows aren't as important to people as dramas/comedies. 


Sorry this is taking so long to get through, trying to watch some of the shows/catch up with others on the list before getting to the entries. 

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90. Silicon Valley
Original Release Year - 2014





Unfortunately this isn't based on the beloved-but-forgotten robotic animal 90's platormer game; Space Station Silicon Valley.

Instead this is a sitcom parodying Silicon Valley culture as it follows a programmer founding and running a software startup company and tackling the struggles and challenges that comes with it. Well that's the general gist I got from skimming the Wikipedia entry. I've not actually seen it and have only just discovered it's a Mike Judge (co-)creation so my interest has significantly increased. I've tried finding some quotes from the forum to put here but to be honest I think I want to watch this now and don't want to risk running into spoilers. Sorry. Some familiar looking people in that pic up there though.



89. Scrubs
Original Release Year - 2001





I always liked Scrubs, strangely it was never a show I properly watched though. Like I'm sure there's a lot of it I haven't seen - mostly the latter seasons - but everything I did see I enjoyed. It was funny, often a bit silly, had some great chemistry between the different characters and then at times it would stop being a sitcom and hit you right in the guts with some big ol' drama that makes you go "oh fuck". 


Special shout out to the soundtrack as always remember the music selection complimenting the scenes and stories very well. 

"Surreal and heartfelt, not often easy bedfellows but Scrubs could veer from moments of silliness to stop-you-in-your-tracks episodes like My Screw Up." - glb 

"And that's season 9 of Scrubs done. You know what, I fucking enjoyed that, and would happily have watched more. I think it got panned way back for what it wasn't, rather than being appreciated for what it was. Though I have to admit, they did tread old ground a little too often, and the absolute nadir wasn't anything to do with the new cast, it was Turk's awkward homophobia with the lesbian patient - they got that all wrong, Turk was always better than that.

The end of season 8 is clearly the real "goodbye" for the main cast, but I did enjoy this last season." - Thor 



88. The Staircase
Original Release Year - 2004





Not to be confused with the recent dramatic adaptation starring Colin Firth, this is the original documentary series looking into the death of Kathleen Peterson and trial of her husband accused of her killing. Once again I've not seen this, nor had heard about it or the incident until seeing the aforementioned Colin Firth show advertised. However my girlfriend is a big fan of all these true-crime and murdery documentary shows and so I asked her about it; "Aye, that the wan wi the deid wife? Was very weird... Ah'm no sure if ah finished it." brilliant, thanks for that, and now it's been added to the list of shows "we should watch".


Here's some views from people that have watched it;

"For me The Staircase is the ultimate court room documentary. I watched it after Making a Murderer and while I loved that I started to think the makers of The Staircase had been a bit cheeky in stealing the tone and style. Of course, The Staircase actually predates it by some margin and the stealing (or tribute if you want to be kinder) went the other way." - Mawdlin

"I'm watching The Staircase on Netflix. Currently up to episode 6 and can't believe my eyes so far." - Thwomp

"It’s an incredibly interesting case. As I said in the Netflix thread, I’ve watched the whole thing a few times and it’s always fascinating." - Mystacon

Sounds alright. 


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87. This is England
Original Release Year - 2010





A spin-off and continuation of the fantastic Shane Meadows' film of the same name, these three mini-series - set in 1986, '88 and '90 - are all outstanding pieces of media with some proper powerful gut punching moments that leave you an emotional mess. 

But don't just take my words for that;

"Shane Meadows is one of the finest British directors of his generation, and these mini-series echo the kitchen sink dramas British cinema used to make so well. Vicky McClure, Joe Gilgun and Stephen Graham are the standout performers but there are no weak links in a series of episodes that meld comedy and tragedy artfully. Sublime" - glb

"I saw the movie years ago and as shocking as it was I wasn't that taken with it. Then recently I decided to watch the lot, and was just blown away. It flips between being laugh out loud hilarious, to touching, to incredibly emotionally charged, with complete success. One of the most striking things for me was how I thought each series was better than the last." - Timmo

 "Well that was bloody amazing telly. Can't remember the last TV show that had me choking up a bit. Truly stunning acting and wonderful characters.
As has been said, the dinner was a powerhouse sequence, but the little bits with Lol, Woody and Combo were staggeringly good. So real. So much going on inside each of those characters and performances. Deserves every award they can throw at Meadows and the team."
- jonamok

"Superb TV, the best thing I've seen in absolutely ages. Real compelling viewing and hard to watch at times. Bleak sums it up." - Chewylegs

"I found the original 2006 film to be a great combination of setting, dark humour and drama, with the latter two often mixed together incongruously and deftly. That continues with this series which follows most of the characters three years after the events of the film. It starts off like a slice-of-life drama, light-hearted, before events turn very dark. Difficult to be specific but it was a proper gut-punch, very hard watch at times." - Vimster



86. Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
Original Release Year - 2004





To my utter shame I've still not seen this... is what I wrote when I started this write up last week. However I have since corrected this massive error and, thanks to All 4, watched all 6 episodes of this series over a couple of nights. And what an absolute treat it was.


The show-within-a-show is wonderfully absurd and the intentional shoddiness of the production is executed perfectly; blatant continuity errors, flimsy set designs, mismatched audio, ridiculous plots and awful acting. The attention to detail in getting things wrong is top class and Richard Ayoade in particular is just brilliant at playing a lousy actor. 

Sadly there may only be six episodes but that's six episodes of comedy perfection. I feel this is definitely something I'll need to watch a few more times to truly appreciate as each hilarious and mad episode seems to be full of a lot more subtle jokes and details that will benefit from repeated viewings.

Even the fairly brief on-screen appearances of human-shitstain Graham Lineham couldn't ruin this belter of a show. 



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81. Devs
Original Release Year - 2020





"Devs is an American science fiction thriller television miniseries" according to Wikipedia. Which was news to me, I'd never seen it and for some reason assumed it was a comedy along the same lines as that Silicon Valley one we had earlier.Again I don't really want to read up too much about it because of potential spoilers. Luckily a couple of people left some comments about it;

"I loved the chin-stroking of Devs, regardless how much sense it made. Another beautiful looking and sounding show" - Sabreman

"What if Determinism, the show. It’s honestly much more interesting than that, but it’s something that is very easy to spoil if you’ve not seen it. But suffice to say, for me it is a story about Purgatory. Both real and that which we create for ourselves." - Benny



80. Mindhunter
Original Release Year - 2017




Created by Joe Penhall with the help of Charlize Theron and David Fincher this Netflix crime thriller set in the late 70s takes a look at the start of criminal profiling and the use of it by the FBI. Despite starting off with some subpar acting and bad writing in episode one it proved to be hugely popular with audiences and enjoyed 2 good seasons before Fincher decided to do something else resulting in a potential third season getting put on hold. 

"Alright, finished season one. The show is good, and I cant wait for season two. I almost wish I didn't binge it because I want more." - Stevie

"I decided to stay up all night binging this and thought it was absolutely superb throughout. The performances of the various subjects in particular were mesmerising" - Sabreman

"I had initially given up on this but did just finish it recently. The whole thing is a weird paradox. At once the characters are straight from central casting and also compelling to watch. The idea of a maverick genius being misunderstood by the system has been done to death, but was actually done really well. A profiler seeing themselves in the killer and parallels with their own lives is one of the most hackneyed themes in film and television. And yet, and yet it was still really good. It feels like the force of will to get the atmosphere and the actors and direction and scene setting to be exceptional manages to drag along about 50 dreadfully realised plot threads. It feels like incredibly expensive television and they didn't have enough episodes to let anything breathe as a result. Would definitely watch more though." - Art Vandelay


79. 30 Rock
Original Release Year - 2006





Created by and starring Tina Fey this satircal sitcom was describe as "a live-action cartoon" and with its surreal humour, cast of eccentric characters and heavy use of comedic cutaways it's easy to see why. To be honest though this wasn't a show I ever properly watched, was one I'd see random episodes of from time to time but never set out to watch it all. I might one day as I always liked what I did see, then again I only just got around to properly watching all of Seinfeld in order during lockdown so might need to wait for another global pandemic. 

"Can't believe this passed me by originally, excellent TV." - bradigor



78. What We Do In the Shadows

Original Release Year - 2019





Note; At the time of writing I've not yet seen Season 4. The 2014 film of the same name was great and one of my favourite comedies so when it was announced we were getting a TV series set in the United States I feared the worst. But, for me, the TV series stepped it up a few notches and is even better. The ensemble of vampires - and friends - is just superb, it's difficult to pick a favourite as literally all of them are fantastic, largely thanks to the brilliant cast involved. Outside of the core characters there's a slew of brilliant recurring and guest characters throughout that gel so well. I can't really think of a bad episode and only ever remember laughing a lot at most episodes. I genuinely believe it's one of the funniest shows I've seen and just hope Season 4 continues to be as good. 

"Been excellent all around in my opinion. Latest episode was a belter! I was creased from beginning to end." - Zero9X

"I love this thing! It's amazing how much they were allowed to just go to town with all the horror special effects stuff, and I love how little throwaway gags in some episodes turn up/are referenced again to provide a sense of continuity, like the possessed doll. It doesn't hurt that the entire cast are just perfect." - Professor Puzzles

"Excellent. Each episode had me cackling like a loon. Matt Berry on top form, especially." - Jamie John



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77. The Last Kingdom

Original Release Year - 2015




"The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories series of novels. The series was developed for television by Stephen Butchard, premiering on the 10 October 2015 on the BBC. In 2018 the show was acquired by Netflix. The series lasted for a total of five seasons, with the final season airing on 9 March 2022. A feature-length sequel, titled Seven Kings Must Die, has been filmed for Netflix."

Imma be honest, I don't think I've ever heard of this. Which is odd as I assume it would be all over Netflix if they bought it. Seems fairly interesting and must have its fans so I guess another to add to my long list of shit to watch one day.

"I'm more entertained by this than anything else on TV right now." - Timbuktu

"This is moving up my all time favourite show list with every episode I watch. Uhtred and Ragnar are just fucking awesome characters and everything is so well shot. I have epsiode 5 of Season 2 to watch tonight and I am proper excited about it. 
It's also genuinely funny in parts because the characters relationships are so well established that you know how each of them is reacting to things. The main selling point though is Uhtred himself. Alexander Dreymon is fantastic and should really be getting some big gigs on the back of this. "
- MardiganX

"I'd never seen any of this until about a month ago.  I've now binge watched all of the first 4 seasons and I'm approaching the end of season 5.
It's superb - tremendous characters, fight scenes are great, the plot twists are excellent and whenever a key character gets offed, it's always a proper punch in the guts (sometimes, quite literally).
Love it."
- Boothjan

"The Last Kingdom. Binge watched it all in the last couple weeks. Loved it. Looking forward to the film next." - Ry



76. Legion
Original Release Year - 2017




It's very odd for me to not have seen this as I pretty much watch, and enjoy to some extent, pretty much any Marvel associated TV series - including Iron Fist! Yet this is one I never did watch, I think at the time I was too burnt out on superhero TV because of the Netflix Marvel shows and the never-ending intertwining Arrowverse. 

I've been meaning to watch Legion though as from what I've been told it's a bit different from your usual Superhero gubbins and heads down some more psychological paths which makes sense if you know a bit about the titular antihero. At only 27 episodes across 3 seasons it shouldn't take too long to get through either. 


And since originally writing the above I have gone and watched all 3 seasons on Disney+. The first season was so captivating I couldn't stop watching. It was strange, beautiful and a little bit scary at times. Season 2 did start to lose me a bit, felt like it was being too obtuse for the sake of it but onwards I powered through and so glad I did as season three was back to being great and it really stuck the landing. However one thing of note about the whole show is how David, the lead, very often seems to turn into Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, he'll look like him, sound like him and have many of the same mannerisms as Dennis. It made some for very unintentional comedic moments to me. On the intentional comedic moments side of things a big shout-out goes to the always excellent Jemaine Clement, his performance and delivery had me laughing many a time. 

"Legion is the best thing on TV that no-one seems to be watching. " - Gloomy Andy

"Best thing with Marvel's name on it, easily." - Death's Head

"I just binged the first season of this, thanks to a recommendation in the Wandavision thread. It's... absolutely superb, easily the most impressive comic book TV show I've seen in terms of artistry and imagination, and its boldness in giving zero fucks about holding the hand of the audience" - Sabreman



75. Hannibal
Original Release Year - 2017




The A-Team is a group of ex-United States Army Special Forces soldiers who, near the end of the Vietnam War, were arrested for a crime they did not commit and managed to escape from the Military Police. As fugitives, the A-Team works as soldiers of fortune, using their military training to fight oppression or injustice. And the leader of this crack team of heroes is the always suave, cigar-smoking, master of disguises and super strategist John "Hannibal" Smith. So like I assume this show is the prequel that explains where he picked up all those skills and pair of fetching black leather gloves. 

Or it's a show about that other Hannibal, the bloke that eats people. Sorry, not seen it. 

"hammed it up sometimes, but it was so dedicated to using the visual medium of TV, and Mads was just perfection." - Sabreman



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74. Generation Kill
Original Release Year - 2002





I watched this at the time of release and have a shitty memory so can barely remember anything about this. However I do remember really liking it and despite my fuzzy memory I still recommend it to people. At only 7 episodes long I have no excuse not to re-watch it really. 



75. Still Game
Original Release Year - 2002



Now this is a show I have re-watched a lot of times, and every time I laugh just as much as I ever have. For me ,Still Game, is more than just a silly Scottish sitcom, it's a warm nostalgic feeling. It brought joy into my life when I was going through a pretty rough time and that's partly why I hold it in such high regard. But also because it's just fucking great. It's Scottish - well, more accurately Glaswegian - through and through which obviously instantly makes it better than most and there's real heart to the show. It's full of wonderful characters, quotable lines and hilarious moments. But then it can get very poignant or oddly relatable. 


"Still Game really doesn't get the recognition it deserves because it is so heavily grounded in Glaswegian humour, tradition and lifestyles but its one of the greatest comedy shows of all time for me." - MardiganX

"If your style of humour comes from your upbringing then this is what I think of when I think of my home town. Great jokes and friends that do nothing but rip the utter piss out of each other. The TV equivalent of comfort food for me." - JohnnyNolan



74. Dopesick
Original Release Year - 2021





Another show I hadn't seen before going through these results. But at only 8 episodes and available on Disney+ this was easy to rectify. It's very compelling and I very much enjoyed the structure and how they told the different stories and how addiction effects people. Not sure how much of it is true and haven't really checked because honestly a lot of what happened just angers me. I already have a lot of hate towards the massively wealthy, corrupt businesses, politicians, America and major corporations that it'll likely be bad for my health to look into more of this kind of stuff. But still, very much glad I watched this and enjoyed the fantastic performances throughout. 




71. The IT Crowd
Original Release Year - 2006




Sadly this might be slightly tainted now after the downward spiral into insanity and hateful bile that Graham Linehan, creator/writer/directer, has decided to slide down.

Despite that the show was, for the most parts, very entertaining and laugh out loud funny. The core cast were all great and involved in some highly memorable and quotable scenes that still make me laugh to this day. Richard Ayoade's Moss may have become the breakout character of the show but that's meant in no disrespect to the rest of the acting team. While it wasn't as consistantly good as Father Ted there were moments where it was up there, and either way it's a hell of a lot better than whatever hate-fuelled shite Linehan is currently writing.

" The IT Crowd incredibly funny - it honestly makes me sad that the guy who created it is a grade A twat" - MarkN

"Fucking great show. Really enjoyed it. It straddles a perfect line of Sitcom, Geek and Bizarre." - Dimahoo




70. Treme
Original Release Year - 2010



Another from my pile of shame that I've yet to actually watch. I know I should because it's from the makers of The Wire, but on the other hand it stars Steve Zahn in a regular role. I kid, don't really have an issue with Zahn. 

"Opinion seems to be split on Treme, but I really liked that too. Even just spending time with the characters not necessarily doing anything, just taking in the atmosphere or whatever." - JohnC

"Ah man, was getting total Wire vibes from the pilot. Grab it in HD if you can, it looks stupendously good. And the music...
Fucking brilliant, it was like having old friends back.
" - sammy

"And now I'm completely up to date with Treme for some reason I want to move to New Orleans. Wonderful wonderful television." - Naysonymous

"I stormed through five episodes of season two in one go, and I bloody loved it. I loved every single plotline and I loved watching every single character. It's as good as The Wire for me, albeit in a totally different way. The character arcs are so much more realistic and believable than any other show. No simple fixes and easy solutions." - Moz 



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